tehn performing at mlrV release party

  • i've caught some footage of brians sweet set..


    thanks to all who came out!

  • what app(s) is(are) this(these)??

  • incredible.

  • Good to see. Thanks for posting it.

  • Hello, GS128! (Is that a GS64 tucked away to its right?) I listened to this on the live stream, so I had no idea what hardware or software was being used. I just knew I liked the epic ambient soundscapes flowin' over my ears. There was some really good stuff being played tonight.

  • looks like mlr on the 64, cyst. no? looks like the arc and the 128 are working together...

  • awesome! i missed his set on ustream last night.
    thanks for posting.

  • Awesome. Is that strettas new app on the gs128?

  • I don't recognize what he's using as something I made.

    However, very nice set, and I'd identify the music as tehn, regardless.

  • mountain man beard!!

  • i think i've finally nailed down this genre of music: beardcore (or beardwave, beardstep, all 3 are valid).

    and yes i too have a beard, although it's not nearly as epic as some of my monome brethren.

  • I have a little one as well :/, a little sheep beard
    anyways beardcore rocks!!!

  • arc was not on - very nice tho

    on the 128 i remember he said it was a bit of hackery and the left half was just midi data controlling a synth and some other things - i have a fishes memory and the right side uhhhh fishes memory then mlr on the 64

    fingertappin was there and he should remember...so hunt his ass down lol

  • beard here too.

  • left was controlling the synth notes, middle was filters and delays i think, and right was seat-of-pants yell-inducing mlr.

  • i too refuse to shave. slammin beardstep ftw.

  • deshingle the roof with that fuzzy beard bass.

    speaking of bass, i was listening on my rokit 8's with the matching sub last night, and the first half of tehn's set felt good. it kind of tickled.

  • one thing i can say, tehn was rockin some beautiful aalto!

  • beardcore beardstep!

  • @stretta, I wasn't sure if half of the 128 was running straw, looked like straw style interactions.

  • Ha, I will try my best to remember/explain, I think I had one stout too many last night...

    The 128 was a custom midi patch that was split into 2 parts that were controlling aalto. I believe the left hand said was controlling the notes in aalto and the right side was a midi slider patch controlling various parameters, one Brian mentioned being interpolation.

    As Talos stated the 64 was mlr and the arc was not connected.

    This was my first monome show, first time meeting fellow monomers, and first time even touching an actual monome ( all the clones out there just don't do justice).

    Tehn's beard is straight up mawwwnly...

    Great people, great show, just wanted to say thanks.

  • @tehn

    is that patch at a point where it could be shared? i'm thinking about different possibilities for a live set using aalto and this might work nicely.

  • Hey @watson - so what are YOU doing with aalto? :-)

  • well, some of the stuff on my EP used it - i've got a couple gigs coming up that i want to do some improv things.. unfortunately, i have no coding abilities, so no patching to speak of.... sorry!

  • My next step is to figure out how to control some of the params via audiounit~ - I've enjoyed setting up a repeating pattern on it and then playing machinedrum on top of it - looking to make a more monome-oriented controller for it though at some point. Sorry to hijack the thread...watson - i'll keep you in the loop if I come up with anything.

  • excellent!

  • BEARDSTEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great set.

    I love that tehn has what looks like a LEGO beard, you know like you could just pull it off and then put on a different one.

  • reminds me a bit of one of these. http://www.beardhead.com/

    or else the strange moustache that takes control of the tick? Tehn? Have you been possessed by your facial hair? Blink thrice if you want us to fetch the shears...

  • oh boy...i hope no one is bashing on the legend brian crabtree...beard or no beard...hes the man, lets not forget =D

  • i'm definitely not bashing the beard, i dig it. my intention was to share a moment of beardship with my fellow bearded monomers.

    in all seriousness, i bet this guy makes some sick beats:


  • holy shiznit, love the chord progression in the first half.

  • i went to school with this dude: http://jackpassion.com/

    he plays some sick bass.


    *applause and cheers*

  • i heard under that beard there is a second beard...

  • There is no chin under his beard. There is only another beard.

  • app is a hack-together of midipress and slide, with some modifications. bottom left row has 4 presets for midi map and changes midi channel, 4 keys to right are blocked into a big toggle for press-release vs. toggle mode. first slider is interpolation time.

    thanks for the kind words.

    and i can rationalize this beard with the amount of wood i chop every day.

  • tehn, would like to sign up with me for the lumberjack competition?

  • have you been practicing?

  • i feel bad now that i didnt get the rest of your set, tehn. but my arm was about to fall off =\ i guess it was a treat for those who were there then..

  • The second track was one of the main reasons for me getting the grayscale 64... Awesome marketing :)

  • this video inspires me.

    to grow a beard.