SoCal Users of Monomes (SCUM) @ Machine Project 2

  • Much has transpired in monomeland of late, time to discuss "S.C.U.M." meeting #2.

    Date: April 10
    Time: 1pm
    Machine Project
    1200 North Alvarado Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90026,+North+Alvarado+Street,+Los+Angeles,+CA&aq=0&sll=34.081009,-118.284247&sspn=0.015249,0.027938&ie=UTF8&hq=Machine+Project,&hnear=N+Alvarado+St,+Los+Angeles,+California&ll=34.078149,-118.262844&spn=0.023247,0.045447&z=15&iwloc=A

    Presentations? I know Yeuda has something to share. Souncyst has that rgb monome project in the works...

    + short performances???


  • Mixed feelings on the timing. Arc will be bleeding-edge and we all want to see one in person, but lord knows if we'll have made it do anything useful by then.

  • Whoa. I'm down with that. And my monome should be arriving tomorrow-ish. Where in SoCal will this be?

  • Machine Project has a lot of cool stuff goin' on at any given moment. You should keep them on your radar.

    That's in Echo Park, pretty much at the corner of Sunset and Alvarado.,+North+Alvarado+Street,+Los+Angeles,+CA&aq=0&sll=34.081009,-118.284247&sspn=0.015249,0.027938&ie=UTF8&hq=Machine+Project,&hnear=N+Alvarado+St,+Los+Angeles,+California&z=15&iwloc=A

  • @Greater: Thinking we should push back the date?

    My thinking regarding the timing was that we're due for another meetup in the next month or so and since we're so close to the arc release anyway, we might as well just plan the meet to get a glimpse at it. It seems if we want to wait for the apps to catch up, we'll be putting it off another 4 months or so.

  • yeah, i'd lean towards having two.. one soonish, and one ~4 months later than that

    i'm probably also gonna be showing off the rgb-ness at handmade music on feb 26 if anyone's interested.

  • Sounds good. So long as we're clear in the event description about what people can expect at that stage.

    I happen to love the fact that arc doesn't have a killer app yet.

    At SCUM 1, we had strangers asking what a monome is, and we tried to explain that mlr was just one thing it can do, but I don't think we really communicated that this is all experimental DIY software. I think they just saw an mlr interface.

    I think we've got a few months with arc where the experimental nature of it all is pretty damn obvious. And that's awesome, if we embrace it.

    My real concern is that I don't want strangers to see an arc 4 controlling four group volume levels in mlr, and think that's what arc is.

    I don't want to justify every ridiculous assumption people have made about us in other forums.

    So, yeah. If we're going to "catch a glimpse of the experimental new controller that folks are still figuring out what to do with", that can't happen soon enough. But if we're going to "demonstrate the exciting new product from Monome," we should hold off a while.

    I guess I'm fine with the timing; we just need to be wary of language when it's time to submit a description for the event.

  • Ah, gotcha! Yeah, the wording and presentation are important. I think we were all taken aback by the new faces at the last meeting and were drastically under prepared.

    In the interest of presenting a non-mlr perspective, can we expect a demo of the Greater Than Zero multi-instrumental improvisation app? Many have yet to see it...

  • Sure! That demo can happen. =)

    (and if we're REALLY lucky, there'll be an Arc component)

  • Yes!

    Just edited title and top post for clarity.

  • i vote for early and often! (sadly missed out on the previous meeting)

  • @monty,
    Make sure you don't miss out on this tomorrow. =)

  • whattttt.. thanks for heads up. i just moved to los feliz.. from va

  • @Axolotl,
    There's a few of us in that general area. I'm in Silver Lake myself.

  • First of all I can't believe I missed interfaceLA I didn't even know it's on.
    Anyway I'm up for what ever date after Febuary so March or April is good for me.

    It seems as if some of us are living in the same neighborhood and our meetings are only once in a few months. We should all meet more, for the sake of creativity.

  • +1 for more meet ups.

    we all need to gather more.

  • +1 as well! Interface was rad! Would love to see more of that!

  • Machine project has time on sunday april 10th, afternoon. Wanted to check in before I confirm.

  • There needs to be something down here in San Diego at some point. LA's too far away to be doin' something every other weekend.

  • april 10 works for me.

  • Wish I had a car already to drive up to San Diego for some sort of meet. Oh well, might move up to SD this summer if things go well.

    Whatever meet goes down, somebody get some video!

  • April 10 is good for me too.

    Hook somethin' up in San Diego. Who's got a venue?

  • As of right now, april 10th seems good to me. Maybe out of town but hopefully not!

  • Yo! April 10th confirmed!
    1pm is the time!

    Updated the top post.

    Time to firm up presenters. So far I have Greater Than Zero, Yeuda, and Soundcyst (emails sent). Anyone else???

    Also we should really try to follow through with a sample exchange. It always comes up @ the meetups, but I think we've only actually done it once.

  • a sample exchange would be awesome.

  • looking forward to it!

    i might have some new tricks finished by april 10...i'll keep you posted.

  • excellent! planning on it.

  • @nightmorph and greaterthanzero. san diego support .give me a heads up!let me know if you need any help . i got your back .

  • definitely coming...

    would love to contribute a short performance if there is room!

  • @nightmorph and CHUD,

    I'm starting to think "us having a meeting out there" is very short-term thinking, and that "a bunch of SCUM LA members come to visit SCUM SD's meetings (and vice versa)" is just better overall. Wouldn't you agree?

    So, let's throw this in the air and see where it lands...

    If nothing comes of that, we'll come back to "hey, maybe our next SCUM meeting should be in San Diego", but I have faith in you.

  • @ anenon: YES PLEASE!!!!

  • @dolza

    Great! Can you email me the details and whatnot -

    Looking forward to this.

  • SCUM 2 fast approaches!

    Just wanted to share the official machine project calendar entry:

    I think we'll be much better prepared this time. Looking forward to it!

  • Ah, any idea when this will go to or when I would be performing? I just realized I double booked myself and am doing a DJ set for KXSC's festival that day at 4... let me know! Would still love to participate in this!!

  • Easy solution: anenon goes on first.

    Any objections?

  • Sounds awesome! I will definitely put this on my calendar. I hope to make it. April 10th should be good.

  • I just put this on my calendar.

    How's the neighborhood? LA often scares me. I'd hate to drive 2 hours and then, I dunno, get mugged. Or worse, have weird music played at me. And then I start liking it or something.

  • @nightmorph,

    At night, there are a lot of homeless people hanging out on the corner and across the street at Burrito King. I've never known them to be aggressive or violent, but they might try to ask you for change (and/or shout obscenities at passing motorists).

    If anyone's nervous about that, we can arrange to meet someplace you're comfortable with beforehand, and carpool in from there so you're walking with a group.

    But that's at night. 1pm, it should be quite pleasant.

  • gah, i guess that would really be the only way it could work for me, i am doing a short performance too - what would be ideal for you guys? 15-20 mins? let me know! sorry for the mess up on my part!

  • it's echo park.. used to be kinda bad neighborhood, but it's gotten really gentrified in the past few years. there's still some seediness, but it's sort of hipster central.

    any idea how long this will last? i'll be heading over after i hit up [[|ciclavia]] and want to make sure i don't leave too late.

  • Don't know. There doesn't seem to be anything scheduled after us, but machine probably wants to lock up and go home at some point.

  • Anenon: Around 15 min would be perfect, and I imagine people will have questions about your setup/process afterwards.

    Cyst: Time is up in the air right now. Depends on the presentations. When can you make it? 2:30?

  • Yeah, I was thinking 2-2:30, but at the same time, I don't want to miss what everyone else has to present.

  • If I make it, I can informally demo my Linux setup, for anyone who'd like a good chuckle. I think I can be there for the whole thing, from 1 to whenever. Mostly I'm looking forward to seeing the established, talented people (i.e. everyone else) doing their thing.

  • I don't believe in talent, but that's a whole other rant. (In modern use, the word seems to mean "I could never do that." And that's lame -- of course you can. What skills you're observing appear natural, and are, because they were practiced.)

    As for "established," I'm not that either. =)

    (I try to present interesting ideas, and I do think my new setup's going to make your head explode, but I haven't, say, performed with it.)

  • hopefully a few arcs will be around.

  • looking forward to it. i might have some new tricks to show off if there is time.

  • @dolza, sounds perfect - should I aim for starting at 1, 1:15? also, will there be a PA setup there?


  • Anenon: Yeah, machine has a pa that accommodates 1/4" and rca. Could you show up a few minutes early for setup? Based on past experience, I'd expect that you'd be starting at 1:15. Being mindful of your time constraints, we'll be more timely in starting this time...

    Away: Just got a delivery notice for an arc 2, so at least one should be in attendance.

    Ray: Barring another 45 minute discussion on sampling legalities, I don't see any reason why you couldn't share. That goes for you too nightmorph. We've been bereft of linux monomists since visinin relocated.