/p/ mlrv2: we need launchpads + APCs

  • hello all. at this stage we've been unable to decipher exactly what the issues are with the launchpad and apc40 interaction. in the interests of helping you all out, we figure it'll be easiest if we have the devices to play with and test pretty heavily.

    if there is anyone in Brooklyn or greater NYC that could lend us either of these devices and/or an MPD / padKontrol, we'd be incredibly grateful and would love to give you a copy of the limited edition 7" when we receive them.

    we'll need to borrow the device overnight to get everything running smoothly and give it some rugged testing.

    please send an email to hello@parallelogram.cc


  • @goose

    I can bring my apc to the nyc show on the 12th if that will help

  • Otherwise I could possibly help you do everything via stream... We could chat on irc while I stream you a screen cast

  • Peace Mr. goose, SpazeCraft here, we met a while back at your gig at culturefix with Peter (Kirn), well, I just got the latest version of the app, dopiness it is for sure, if you are still looking for APC40's I'm sure I could swing by & loan mine for a night, otherwise, I have a studio in the Bronx & you should come through either way! Love to get you involved with all the cool education stuff I'm doing in electronic music & media.

    Oh, I'll also be posting some of the glitches I'm experiencing on the forum.

    Best, Spaze