monome community streaming channel!

  • ok!

    so i set up a ustream account for all of us to have access to so that we may stream all things relating to monome! right now it is set up under my email address, but we can change that at any point (which i might push to before september so in/out fest has their own account).


    you can login at

    username: Monome
    password: minimal

    it's super easy to stream on this, for the mlrv release party we took a feed from the board, line in on a macbook, into logic, soundflower out to ustream and hit go. as many of you know (it looks like we had just over 204 views the other night!) there was no video. there is an option for that however we didn't really experiment with it. our dear friend Watson pointed out that there is a function to record what is being streamed on the site.

    and a basic channel is set up. hopefully the first stream will be saturday night!

  • I did? Looking forward to more streamed events! Into the event stream.


  • maybe it was thealphanerd.....oops!

  • great idea. i hope my beard can make an appearance on a few monitors in the future.

    listening to some sick galapagoose live beardcore atm. big thanks again for recording/streaming/etc.


    At the moment it's pointing at the monomes on the loose embed, not sure if it switches when new ones are created (we'll see)

  • Wanna add a schedule? That easy people can sign up to let people know who's playing when, and to avoid overlap

  • good idea!

  • @thealphanerd - hence the login info is shared. do it up!

  • I was think more of a place to announce and keep track... Preferably local for simplicity

  • hey suite. I'll be keen to contribute. Good stuff...

  • @thealphanerd

    on that wiki page perhaps?

  • man....
    i just shaved....
    am i still invited?

  • I think that should work...

  • Your beard's just internal.

  • there's always bees!

  • beards are not mandatory, for we will miss out on all female monomers!

  • haha

    edison, your beard is implied, but if your face is feeling self conscious/naked then you could try one of these:

    lokey linked this in another thread. i like the one with the horns.


  • So the only question is: is it free...... like in free beard?......................... F**k it i'm going to be...ard

  • and moustache alone?

  • this streaming channel makes me want to create one just to stream while we jam at nights. i'd love to have an agenda of monome users streaming

  • i think this channel is pretty well open - i say use it for your jams! just make sure you post what time you're on!

  • yeh i should have read more carefully :P
    i will!

  • yes! this is great. i'm glad i was in on the chat and listening the other night. gonna be some great stuff happening on this.

  • So I'm going to stream tonight at 9 pm e.s.t. to do a quick demo of setting up mlrv2 with touchOSC...


  • baller! our first test subject!!

  • Awesome. Ill be tuning in.

  • I'll try and view it from an iphone but looking at the app reviews, it probably will not work.

    Can you save the tutorial in case some of us miss it?

    Also, I am under the impression that to view the feed, you have to log in with your own account and not the one posted above?? If a bot gets ahold of that your going to have a porn feed soon!


    I call dibs on Pornome!!

  • haha.

    the above is a link to the channel site to watch what ever is on. it all can get recorded and either looped, when no one is streaming, or you can choose to watch whatever video is recorded.

  • bump for tonigths stream

  • We'll be broadcasting this Friday 9pm-145am Mountain Time in tha USA.

    And Saturday 8pm - 130am in the same zone of time. Should we try to stream the workshops?

    We may or may not be streaming Sunday 8pm to whenever. Updates later.

  • i would love to see the workshops streaming!