40h kit + joysticks

  • I'm considering incorporating 2 joysticks with my 40h kit. Would 2 of these work with the kit?:


    I assume it would take up all 4 ADC ports on the logic board (1 for each x/y axis x2 joysticks). Is my assumption correct? Any other suggestions out there for alternative joysticks?

  • Don't see why they wouldn't work. Seems to be just two pots.

    2 of em would use up all your channels.

    I've been thinking about incorporating the Spectra Symbol SoftPots into mine (same used on the Stribe).

    I've already got two of them. They're really cool! I've got a couple ideas for these.....

  • I found a joystick from ALPS at much lower cost from elfa

    WWW.elfa.se artickle number 64-135-38

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