FS KYMA Pacarana [Melbourne]

  • Hi Everyone,

    Reluctantly selling my Pacarana FW800, 1yo and very little use, pristine condition comes with everything original (box, manual, CDs etc.) + some racking ears.

    Australians this is your chance! Paid 5200AU$ to get this in...

    Asking 4200AU$.

    Pickup is welcome in Melbourne - contact: funq[dot]patrol[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Sad thing for you...

    May I ask why ?

  • I just don't have the time, yeah it's a shame I know ;)

  • if you would be in Europe... Youre not travelling here soon are you?

  • > I just don't have the time...

    You say that, that's indeed a time-consuming intension, especially because you can't use it on the go.. Although I try to use it on daily basis, most of the time I'm learning Smalltalk.

    Well, the price is reasonable, good luck with bringing it to a good home !

  • I'm located in Australia sorry jBuzz, I can ship though...

  • import taxes would kill me...20%

  • will you be in the states before june?
    Ill be there in june and you could send it to my friends there..

  • sorry mate no plans to go in the states yet, but as I said I'm happy to ship anywhere ;)