monorouter and pages, alternative solution

  • hi,

    my google-fu isn't really up to scratch today....

    i'm working on my new live-setup which is mlr on my 256 and triggered effects (mainly artillery), mixer and other apps on my 128.

    however, i'm kind of stuck.

    i'd like to divide my 128 into two. left hand side should mainly be toogle-able midi triggers and right hand side should be faders. that sounds like pages, right? but with pages the dividing part is quite tricky.

    additionally, i sometimes like to switch the app i'm using on one side of the 128 on fly, maybe to one of stretta's m4l-apps or something like that.

    the thing is i can't get the combo monorouter and pages to function. maybe there's some kind of substitution to pages' midi triggers and faders in m4l format?

    hopefully, my question isn't too vague.

    any suggestions are very welcome!

  • Hmm, so you need pages and monoroute? You should be able to do this using monoroute alone, but if you want pages running as well, I suspect that the wayto do it is to set pages itself up as an external osc app in monoroute (or vice versa I suppose), then set up your 256 to send
    through monoroute to pages, and then set up the 128 as a side by side
    combination page. Can be done...

  • ha! i tried once again, and now it works running monoroute+pages. i've got no clue why i didn't work earlier today. from now on i will never ask questions again. thanks man.