Anyone else excited about this?


  • i wish i had an ipad. virtual knobs are the worst

  • Quick convince me not to buy one! Whiskey is against me right now!

  • edit because I double posted! Drink!

  • hmmm

    it is just physics based simulations

    Lets do it with a monome and an arc!

  • @str8jacket - maybe, unless this one thing stands between be an unprecedented income in which case.....whiskey for all!?

  • Man. How many "one thing standing between me and an unprecedented income"s have I gone through at this point? And how much money would I have now, if I hadn't pursued those? That very idea may have been the one thing standing between me and an unprecedented income!

    ...or perhaps it was the whiskey.

  • a bit pricey IMHO..

  • check out kramer's trails thread for his forthcoming cc controller.

    @alphanerd - yes, i think something equally impressive could be achieved with arc and monome. i suggested an app in the brainstorming thread where you could mutate a sequence using the arc knobs to alter midi notes and ccs as a sequence plays, e.g. as you turn a knob away from it's start position the parameter being changed is more radically affected; turning the knob back returns to the original pattern. you could have a number of user selectable (and maybe user definable) algorithms that will be assigned to a knob. monome could be used to select which parameters are being affected by the knob, e.g. cutoff and resonance.

    there's no reason i suppose why the midi sequence being affected need be generated by the app itself; maybe you could intercept the sequnece from another app - polygome, say, and mutate it's sequence. i think that would be quite interseting.

    i was thinking it could be called arc-a-texture...

    konkreet labs performer does look pretty though.

  • $25 is not bad for a new controller. especially one that does not take up more space in your studio.

    that said, I have many controllers. This looks like a great deal of work and care went into it, but I will have to wait on this.

  • @active

    wait for ipad v2 if you dont already have one. should be right around the corner.

    looks really neat btw. that said, i cant wait to see some monome-arc awesomeness blend mangling.



  • @watson - truth.

    i agree with griotspeak, i think 25 is not bad at all since it is more then a controller, it actually wants to be visible to the audience. and what a flashy show it does! i have been looking at some multi touch stuff for a live set up that would be a bit more engaging then touchOSC (tough i love it) and this might be the trick.

    .....more whiskey! er, videos of it, please!

  • wish they would do like 24 hour demos for these things, I jumped in when touchable was released and it was fun for a while but was phased out of my set up pretty quick.

  • yeah, I'll be honest - sometimes I resort to unethical means go try out an expensive app before buying it. this thing looks amazing. cant wait to see some more videos of it in action.

  • if anything else, i am hoping that this will inspire me and give me a good jumping ground to try to develop something similar on the android side.

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