Vegetables are good for you (40h on eBay)

  • Hi all,

    I'm selling mine on eBay. Do it there cause i've had a lot of taxes stuff within it (40h) and the 128 (200 Euros just taxes) i lost in an accident too.

    So now i've my 2nd 128 and i'm selling the 40h:

    If you've questions contact me:

    traik {?} polarisedkids (dotter) com.


  • Nice ad with nice pictures and text.
    I saved it as pdf because I love your ad.


  • I thought it would be cool to rise the grade of irritation for those who never heard about the monome. And as my first 128 fell of my car countryside and seems to be found by someone, who i'm sure doesn't know what to do with it, it's kinda reminisence to my 128.

    Maybe it can go into the wiki on a page for weird monome stuff. ;)

  • is there anyway to get your ebay page to display in english? i've also searched for it at, with no results. do you ship internationally?

  • Hi ComfortableInClouds,

    Yes, I ship internationally !

    I've edited the eBay-link above so that you could read it in english.

    (just works by advanced search of

  • congrats on returning to 128 land!

  • Well, i had to get trough the jungle first. ;)

  • very clever listing

  • particularly like the shot with 40h laid out as place-setting with knife & fork. delicious!

  • very creative, good luck with the auction!

  • Hi everybody,

    I'll be from 25. March till 2. April in NYC. If someone from there gets the auction I can take the 40h with me to save shipping costs.

    See here:

    I'm not familiar with postal services in NY, but maybe i can ship it from NYC to somewhere in Canada or US to reduce costs.

  • The reason why nobody is blaming me for selling vegetables at a highly expected rate is not yet clear to me ? Is it because they are healthy ?

    I would wish this arguing would stop and everybody gets back to the machine's he or she has got and produces nice music. Please, do not contaminate this thread too.

  • I just wanted to add that the 40h in my opinion is a better size for the 64. Although I have gotten used to the smaller buttons now. There's just something great about those larger pads to bang out tracks and not worry about precision hits everytime.

  • Very interested. Lemme get some things in order. Veggies included?

  • Haha, that's what I thought too when I saw the pictures.. I think it arrive as monome bolognese when the veggies are included in the box, might be tasty, but probably not so good for the device... Good to hear you acquired a new 128! Never heard anything at all about the one you lost?