• Check it out! Live from bushwick, the NYC Monome basement show/jam LIVE STREAM!

  • i didn't know we were streaming....


  • Listening now. Thanks for the stream!

  • Sweet! Listening now. I, unfortunately am not doing anything as cool this evening except painting my kitchen. But at least I have a good soundtrack for it.

  • listening now!

    went home sick from
    a party blasting stuff
    like kanye + dilla...

    this is way more my aching head's speed!

    though i love my dilla/k.west at the right time.

    good shit, who's on? bass heavy,
    drum heavy, swaaaaaaag heavy.

    (12:32 est, just in case i don't get an answer 'til tmrw)


    (such goodness)

    (all of a sudden cursing the ground
    where my feet lay idly)

  • someone HAS to be recording this with doper audio than the ustream.

    for the love of god. any one with a live recording of tonight's shred session

    get at me on my username +

  • just got home...thanks for the hosting chris and philippe! i had a wonderful time and it was great to see old faces as well as many new ones! cant wait for the next!! now time to pass out :)

  • I recorded about a couple of hours of the ustream... if anyone is interested I'll put it up somewhere.

  • How was the night for everybody?!?!

    I'm upset i couldn't make it :/

  • @noiseflower

    There is a recording on the ustream site.. is yours sounding any better?

  • yea, the streams was super last minute, and thus recording didn't really happen. some of the stuff got recorded on the ustream, but not all of it. we will just have to do it again! thanks for coming out and/or tuning in!

  • it was a great time and thanks for all that hosted! i got a full trent performance video and some other shorter ones that i will post this week at some point.

  • Nah my recordings are the same as the ustream... I do like the saturated sound on that, might sample some of the drums :)

  • how many people packed the basement?

  • @noiseflowr - sadly the lives drums weren't miced! next time we will maybe prepare a bit more, drink a bit less!

    @tehn - i would say between around 40. unless i'm just making it up. no, it was actually only 2 of us. and one was a cat.

  • stupid university camera can't handle more than 10 minutes of video. This galapagoose clip is the only clip I was able to salvage:

    Thanks for such a great evening! New and old friends, it was lovely seeing you all. moar pics and vids!

  • got 43,000 points on satan's hollow. active what's your high score?

  • @mtn - 101,950. apartment high score! which today was swapped out for a non-functional one so that the modular synth can find a home!!!

  • @NSE:

    Those are some good down'n'dirty cut-up beats! Thanks for the video; much appreciated.