40h & 128 on one mac??

  • what´s the best way to run a 40h plus a 128 as simple step_sequencers for any virtual drummachine at the same time on mbp/live8.2.1?
    want to open two seperate tracks in live, one molar40h, one molar128 and trigger two different machines with it.
    i tried via monomeserial which i used in the past, but only one monome appears.
    tried serialosc...no idea how it works, nothing happend. it´s working in the background, clear. but i installed it, opened live and nothing happend, no monome reaction on molar at all. where do i have to put serialosc? any special folder? hm.
    have been out of monome for a while.
    neeeed help ;-)
    thanks so much guys.


  • hey stephan, i have a similar thing working, using the 256 and 128 both with molar ... managed to get 3 working with the 64 on top but it turned out to be more a proof of concept than a workin solution for the long term

    i've tried several things to make this happen but somehow the most stable way seems to be the 'old' pages 0.1.41 ... haven't really had the time to look into the pages 2 alpha yet

    Monoroute works as well but i find it not as stable and as plug n play as the old pages, when i save a config and try to reload it the next time i want to use it it tends to bug around, so i've taken the habit of recreating the config everytime which is not much fun.

    here's how i set it up with pages:

    in Monomeserial, choose a port that MS will use to communicate with pages, i use 5000/5050

    in pages, go to the OSC Settings and enter these ports there

    in Monomeserial, choose a preset for each monome, for example /44h and /128 (i tend not to use /40h as prefix since it might conflict when you are using a maxpatch that uses this prefix), i normally use /small, /mid and /big for 64/128/256

    the way it works is that for each application you want to use on either monome, you create a 'page' in pages where you will chose which port and prefix pages will talk to, have a look at the attached screenshot

    in the molar config files (Molar40h.cfg and Molar128.cfg) choose a port for each monome, i use 4000/4040 for the 64 and 8128/8080 for 128 or 8256/8080 for the 256 so it's easier for me to remember.

    These are the lines you have to edit:

    [40h] the prefix, must be 3 chars exactly!
    [4000] port that Molar listens to. default: (8000) 8004 for lemur
    [4040] port that Molar hosts. (8080) 8000 for lemur

    as far as i remember pages uses the bottom right corner pad to switch between pages, so you might want to change your molar config to remap the function buttons in the bottom and assign a function you don't need to this pad

    with this setup you can run many instances of molar and other apps as well which is really cool :)

    i have to admit that i switched back to using only the 256 for the last couple of months since i had many problems when using more than one monome inside Live, sometimes the mnomes would just stop reacting and the only way to get them going again is to restrt the machine ... it might be because i have a lot of USB devices already but in any case that's really not workable for a live set so i
    decided to work with only one monome ...

    it took me quite a long time to get it to work but in the end it turned out i was just not configuring it properly ... hope you'll have more luck :)

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  • sorry there is a mistake in the screenshot, must have opened a wrong config, prefixes nee to be 3 characters, so /64 won't work, use /44h for example

    then when you want to use molar on the 40h, create a page with the prefix that you set in the molar config file, in this case you can use /40h, then let's say you want to use polygome on the 40h as well, just create another page where you set the prefix to /gome and the ports that polygome uses, then you can switch between the 'pages' by pressing bottom left cornerpad and the top row pads 1 & 2 ... you can also switch pages via midi i think .. have a look at the documentation

    i found that a lot of times ports and prefixes can get messy, since i don't have Max i can't edit and save my own prefixes and ports in the maxpatches i download

    as far as using the same ports for different apps i don't know if that's a problem, most maxpatches/monomeapps come with ports 8000/8080 preconfigured, i try to use a different pair for different aps just in case

    hope this makes sense, i'm writing this from memory sicne as i said i haven't used more than the 256 for a while

  • hey discopimp,

    thanks so much for your detailed instructions!

    i´ll follow them tonight and let you know the result asap ;-)



  • you're welcome :)

    one last thing, don't forget to use the 'Update Preferences' and 'Save' buttons in pages when you configured a page.

    Once you configured everything don't forget to save the config, when you open a config with 'open configuration' pages will always go to your home folder so i save all my pages config there so i don't have to navigate around so much.

    have fun, and don't give up, this definitely works ;-)

  • btw, once you got this working, there are many more cool things you can do with pages, i just use it for the routing ...

  • ok. i don´t get it :-(

    i tried the pages version > but how can i edit/open a cfg. file??

    tried the monoroute version > monoroute doesn´t even recognize one monome. monomeserial running fine, both monomes on. followed the instructions. no result. "there are no monomes connected..."

    any idea where my errors are? (i´m sure there are many, cause actually i have no idea what i´m doin here. i just want those nice 2 step-sequencers triggering a fat 909 and a fat 808. wtf.) sorry, i´m frustrated ;-)

  • hi stephan,

    for pages, you can save your current config via file -> save configuration and load via file -> open configuration. it doesn't come with any configurations though, you have to make one, but it's pretty easy to do.

    apologies if any of this is off, i'm going by memory:

    first go to the configuration menu and monome settings, set this to match monomeserial (i believe discopimp had recommended ports 5000/5050 -- just set these ports in monome serial and set pages to match).

    next go to the configuration menu and create a new monome. give it the proper dimensions and prefix (check the prefix in monomeserial).

    you will now have a sub window that represents this monome. go to the page menu in this sub window and create a new page. i would start with something like midi faders because it's easy to verify if it works--push some buttons, see if faders start moving.

    if this much works then your monome setup is correct and the next step is to hook it up to external applications. this is done with the external application page, just create a new one of those.

    change the settings to match your molar configuration (this means prefix and ports). hit update preferences and if all is well then you should now be able to use molar.

    you can repeat this process for your second monome. there's a few other features in pages that you can explore as well -- pattern recorders built in to everything (even external apps can use them), page changing (via page change button--bottom right corner--or you can use midi messages instead).

    i would recommend starting with pages 2 as i'm not actively developing on pages 1 and if you hit an issue i won't be quite as responsive in fixing it (i'll probably say try it in version 2). of course if pages 1 is working fine for you then keep on keepin' on. :)

    i'm happy to provide further assistance if you're still having trouble. hit up the "pages 2 alpha release" thread and we'll get you sorted out.

    there's also a manual, it might help you wrap your mind around how this all works a little better:


    best of luck!

  • To edit the Molar config files (in the Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>VST folder) you have to edit the config file with a texteditor, BBedit comes to mind but you can also use TextEdit, just don't use Word ...

    reading back my instructions i'm not sure how i can explain this any clearer, have you tried following it step by step ? thanks phortran, i forgot to mention the 'Create new monome' and 'external application' page type ...

    the basic thing to understand is that you need a bridge or router between Monomeserial and your Molar VST Plugin in Live in order to run two different molars on two different monomes ... Pages or Monoroute both allow you to do this, i think it's easier to do it via Pages, had many problems with monoroute myself

    before you haven't edited the Molar configs to give each one it's prefix and port set it's not gonna work in any case ... once that's done you need to configure the router, for example pages like explained above.

  • thanks for your help discopimp & phortran,

    i guess i did it all in the right way. but still no success.
    both monome show up "welcome to molar :-)" when starting both molars in ableton, but after monome doesn´t respond at all.

    pages: i´m not sure if i adressed everything correct. could you please check the attached picture, maybe you can find where my error is?


    thanks a lot!


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  • both .cfg files have the same ip adress ( - is this correct?

    i created a new page "midifader" to see if they´re connected. only the lowest row shows up, leds on but both monome are not responding on any touch.

  • how do i have to configure "MIDI in/out" on pages?

  • didn't you say you installed serialosc? maybe you have to run "serialosc-unload.sh" to make monomeserial work again (or use the monomeserial.maxpat)

    just a thought

  • @stephanbodzin - sounds like you're making changes to your live setup. are you dropping the lemur? :)

  • hello,

    i haven't tested pages with serialosc / monomeserial bridge yet so i'm not sure about that.. it should work though in theory. you will definitely need the monomeserial bridge with serialosc though. i haven't had a chance to play with serialosc yet (windows luser here) but i'm planning on revamping pages to work nicely with it. but for now, monomeserial is needed in some form.

    when configuring your monome settings in pages -- the defaults should work with the default monomeserial settings. i've labeled the port parameters in the configuration pane the same as monomeserial, so basically you just match up the settings.

    to configure midi ports in pages, first you want to enable them on the main midi menu. this is sort of a global enable/disable. each monome sub-window has its own midi menu, and this midi menu is tied to the currently selected page. the ins/outs you selected in the main midi menu will be listed here. from here you can enable individual ins and outs for specific pages.

    hope this makes sense, let me know if you have any questions.

  • ok guys. it´s alll working perfect now. wish you could see what i see ;-)
    mfb522 triggered by a 64, drumazone triggered by a 128.

    thanks so much discopimp & phortran for your great help. wouldn´t have fixed this without you.

    @scarab yep, very soon ;)