2 molar > 2 monome > 1 live_set > ??

  • hey guys

    i simply want to run both monome (40h/128) in my live_set. both should run via molar.

    monomeserial only allows one monome right?
    serialosc > installed, no idea how this works. should replace monomeserial, but i donĀ“t get it running.

    so...one is no prob, all fine. but how can i have 2?

    thanks so much.

  • here you go:


    didn't that work for you ? as mentioned in this post, you can also do it with Monoroute ( http://www.loop-party.com ), in order to use two different molars in the same live set you need to be able to talk to them on different ports, as far as i know pages and monoroute are the only and easiest solutions to do this ...

    monomeserial allow several monomes but only allows to choose the prefix, not a different set of ports for each