128 not lighting up on right 64 leds

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm playing my 128 with mlr 3 and the leftside 64 buttons work properly, but the right 64 buttons seem to work partly.

    When my loop runs over from step 1-16 in one row it just lights the LEDs till number 8. From 9 to 16 no light appears when running over, and pressing a button shows no light either, but... works for the sound.

    On the other side, the monome's 128 LEDs work proper when connecting the power plug but no USB cable (128 demo mode). All lights show up and i can see that they definitly work.

    Is this something i can handle by just changing something in Monome Serial ?

    Anyone can help me ?


  • this is a known circuit defect. e-mail me tehn monome org and i'll send out a replacement right away.