moog taurus like controller?

  • hey community
    i have been lurking a moog taurus recently in an attempt to give some work to unused body parts during live performance.
    while id love one, i have a phatty which can totally do the job sound wise. i have been looking for a midi "keyboard pedal" controller but have been out of luck.
    do these things exist at all?
    cheers guys

  • You mean MIDI foot switches? I'm pretty sure they are applicable as a "keyboard pedal"

    If so there are a bunch:

    Behringer FCB1010
    Rocktron Midi Mate Control Pedal
    Roland FC-300

    Edit: Ohhh I see what the Taurus is, to be honest that is the first dedicated foot synth I have ever seen, although you could probably program something similar with the foot switches above..

  • hey thanks for your mess. i am totally unfamiliar with these guys. as long as i can send up to 12 midi notes, i guess any of these could work, but the layout could definitely be a problem.
    edit: it seems only the behringer could do the job. any idea if the switches can send midi notes? velocity?

  • I'm not 100% as I have never used one but in the link here:

    It states:

    -2 expression pedals with freely assignable MIDI Channel, Controller number and range

    -Simultaneous transmission of 5 MIDI Program Change commands and 2 MIDI Controllers per preset

    -MIDI Note commands for trigger and tap-tempo applications

    The pedal seems to be preset for MIDI controller behringer guitar amplifiers. I'm not sure if this can be changed, maybe shoot them an e-mail or wait for more input on the forum.

  • hey thanks for your help.
    i found the exact type of controller i was looking for: roland pk-5a
    pretty pricy though, in the $500 - 600 range.
    will still look at the possibility to use the behringer one

  • Doepfer has what you're looking for albeit in kit form.
    Really reasonable price too.

  • sweeeeeeet.
    thanks a lot for this link!

  • You might also check out the McMillen SoftStep:

    It's not a keyboard interface of any kind, but it'd sure put your feet to good use.

    (each pad is a pressure sensitive and directional like a joystick, and you can configure the software to transmit over MIDI or OSC as desired.)