San Diego meetup - opening thoughts

  • It was brought to our attention in this thread:
    that the name "SoCal Users of Monome" implies more than Los Angeles, and that we should maybe try to have a meetup at some point in San Diego.

    This was met with enthusiasm, for it is a smashing idea! However, it doesn't make sense for the LA folks to organize that event, as our contacts and resources are up here. Less than helpful, really.

    San Diego needs a local to take charge, make a few phone calls, and generally be a hero to one and all.

    Any volunteers?

    I think your first steps are as follows (though not necessarily in this order):

    Compile a list of possible locations, and contact them to see who's amenable to us visiting.

    This needn't be so formal; your apartment is probably fine if there's parking nearby and the neighbors don't mind a little noise.

    There are also tech-friendly communities around that you might enjoy being affiliated with if you aren't already. Do any of us have contacts at the local hacker spaces?

    * Hacker Space SD meets at the San Diego Eco Center, which sounds like it's in line with monome values.

    * I dig Nucleon's web site.

    Couldn't tell you anything about those groups beyond that, though, 'cause I'm an ignorant outsider. Locals, step forward!

    We meet at Machine Project now, which isn't really a hacker space so much as a tech-minded art collective. Does San Diego have anything like that? It wouldn't surprise me, but I wouldn't know where to find that. Again -- locals, speak up!

    Set up a google spreadsheet. You need...

    * contact info
    * some idea of when people are available
    * what they'd most like to hear about
    * what (if anything) they feel comfortable talking about in front of others
    * whether they have access to locations and equipment
    * etc.

    I dunno; something like that. Somebody make it and report back!


    Projectors are nice. PA's are nice. Or everyone can be really quiet and gather around your laptop to listen through its internal speakers. Whatever you have access to is a great place to start.

    Again, it doesn't matter until you find a location, and your location may come with equipment, so don't worry about it yet. But be prepared to worry about it eventually.

    The important thing is having some idea what your resources are (human and otherwise). Which brings us back to that spreadsheet. Have you made one yet? Where's that URL?

    This should be enough to get you started. =)

    We'll offer suggestions if it looks like you're going down a path we already learned from, answer questions if they come up, etc. And some number of us will attend. But it's fairly important that the San Diego contingent be self-sufficient if you'd like to have meetings on a regular basis.

    ('cause, let's face it, the people who have to drive an extra hour or two are not who you want deciding how often your meetings will occur. right? take ownership; you'll get more out of it.)

  • I think there's probably more of an art scene in LA than here, but I haven't really dug too deep into the local scene to see what's going on. I probably wouldn't be much help organizing, but I can try.

  • Interesting interesting. I live a little closer to SD than LA so maybe I'll finally be able to attend one of these things. There is an interesting art scene up in SD, it's just kind of hidden. I could attempt to help if no one actually lives there, I'm not that far away.

  • I'm up for SD meetup. I live in LA but I'll help in every way I can.

  • i am up for an SD meet up as well. i live in LA as well but would be willing to drive down given my schedule permits it.