monome 256, button problem

  • I've been putting off resolving this problem, but might as well get it over with... Anyways, it seems the computer is receiving multiple button presses when using a particular row of my monome. I've disassembled the device multiple times (bus power) and am fairly certain the ribbon cables aren't crooked or touching multiple contacts.

    Anyways, the symptoms... With the usb cable oriented left, top-right quadrant, 5th row down. I set up a simple patch to light buttons that I hold down; when I press on this particular row, the button to the right of whichever button I'm actually pressing also lights up.

    Any thoughts? It's a pain in the butt! haha

  • wow, that's a new one. what's your serial number? did you send in the bus power upgrade or DIY?

  • serial #114, DIY upgrade!

  • the only time i've seen this is while tuning the keypad scan rate. if it scans too quickly, the voltage still hasn't risen back from the previous row-read.

    has this always been like this or did something change?

    where are you located? i can certainly fix it, just trying to decide the best way.

  • i'm in the east san francisco bay area--pleasanton, ca.
    unfortunately i can't confirm whether this has always been the monome's behavior because i've been using software (until recently) that used the bottom two quadrants exclusively!

    i really appreciate the help!

  • this is a weird question- but does it only happen when you press very hard? does it happen on light presses?

  • doesn't make a difference. and also, i misreported--it's the button to the left of the button i press that registers wrong information!

  • and--- has this always happened? or just suddenly? or after the bus upgrade?

    i think this might be a send-in, sorry! e-mail info at monome org.