If mash and mlrv had a baby

  • mlrv 2 with a loop length defined by the first loop you record, using a go/overdub/play button a la ableton looper, could be midi mapped to a foot pedal (I use a cheap sustain for abletons looper), with a metronome through the monitor channel.
    This would be an unbeatable pedal style looper, meaning you could exploit all the benefits of mlrv 2. Great for live and idea generation.
    Any ideas on how complex it would be to make this? I'm not only new to monome but also to max. Definitely haven't got the stuff to father a frankenstein like this yet. Just throwing an idea out there. Peace. H N

  • what's wrong with mash alone ?

  • nothing's wrong with it of course. I love it and use it regularly (big thanks to stevieraysean), I've just become a little addicted to the mappings in mlrv 2 (it would mean i could keep playing a phrase and use a midi foot pedal amoung other things). Monitor metronome would also help folk like myself, with less than perfect timing, to get some nice tight loops. Very grateful for the community and all the hard work. Didn't mean this post to step on any toes.

  • Okay for the mappings. But i think this is major work to do...

  • I'll just have to put my gs64 on the floor and stomp on it.

  • MLRV is one of the most sophisticated patches ever written. Trying to reverse engineer it when all you want is some simple MIDI controls? It's kind of overkill. Why don't you just add some MIDI controls?

  • on the contrary — i think the best approach is to make a small addition to mlrv. you've already got a live sampler built in, so why not just build in an option for infinite length recording and then after you receive the 'stop' or 'loop' command it sends an OSC message to the tempo control and tells it what tempo the set should play at...

    theoretically i think it would work quite well!

  • Yes! I was dreaming about all the features of the awesome mlrv2 with the option to let the first recording set the loop length (mash). I'll stick to enjoying them both separately until I learn a little (lot) more about max. Thanks everyone.

  • been pondering the idea of making a mash insert for mlrV2.0 but.........

    i did just spend 9 or 10 months making mash and the reason i made mash was that the previous year or two i spent trying to add similar features into mlr and mlrV. I wouldn't have started from scratch if I though I could have achieved the level of flexibility I wanted.

    also there is midi mapping for mash's record buttons. everything else is pretty much monome controllable.

    osc mappings for mash? don't have the time right now but, yeah sure..

  • Mash rocks btw

  • how are whispers working? I've tried a few and got no replies as yet.

  • "I'll just have to put my gs64 on the floor and stomp on it."


    and whispers work....but get ignored alot.

  • max doesn't do "infinite length recording".. you need to give a buffer object a size when it's created, and record~ will stop when the buffer's full.

    it does do //arbitrary// length recording, but you have to specify a maximum.

    if you're just after a different button layout or adding midi control to more features within mash, these are actually pretty terrific "first max exercises" to get your feet wet.

  • @HateNames,

    I don't think whispers cause the thread to jump up in priority like a public reply, so unless the recipient is actively following the thread activity (ie, doesn't have a life), there's a fair chance they'll never see it. They tend to work better on busy threads where lots of people are already posting stuff.

    Also, Soundcyst's suggestion is a good one. It should be readily accomplishable within a 30 day trial of max/msp, and if you get stuck, you ask questions on the forums, in IRC (the "live chat" link to our left) or in the Facebook group chat.

    That'd be sweet!

    My suggestion was based on the premise that MIDI mapping was all he was after (based on that first post), but if the feature got added to mlrv, that'd benefit people who need more of its capabilities. Not to mention leaving room for HateNames to grow into mlrv features that he might not be taking advantage of yet.

    It was also based on the notion that a mere mortal would be less intimidated trying to hack new features into mash than mlrv. =)

  • I capped the buffer record length in mash at 60 seconds. anything longer i feel would be a bit ridiculous to jump positions around in, even if you use 32 steps on a 512...

    also apologies to anyone who opens mash up for a look. sporadic vomit patch cord programming is my forte.

  • > sporadic vomit patch cord programming is my forte.


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  • mashmlrVbaby preview ;)


    will destroy everything in its path!!

  • Oh my gosh! That video is amazing!

  • @stevieraysean,


    and perhaps slightly off topic:

    You started it. =)

  • @stevieraysean

    that video is cracked out to the max.