Coming to NYC. Any place to stay ?

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm visiting New York City with my artclass from 25. March to 2. April.
    The trip wasn't well organised by my university so everybody left over to check his own place to stay.

    So i thought, i'll ask here as i would prefer staying with a monome friend, than in YMCA hostels. During the day i'll be around with my class having a look at MOMA and stuff.

    About me:
    I'm from Austria and 25 years old. Beside my studies in mediaart i work as a fulltime webdeveloper. MacBook / 128 / Elektron Machinedrum / Amiga500 / Genesis / NES / D50 / Doepfer A100 / play Drums & Keyboards from time to time.

    I'm honest and i'm not coming by to take your gear with me. ;)

    Skype: kid-ibesz
    Email: traik || polarisedkids || com

    Would be nice to hear from someone.
    Maybe others have a hint where's a good place to stay.

  • Oh, didn't mention that:

    For sure, I'll come up for the expences. Well, thats a must cause i tend to eat stereo jacks. ... Probably 6 a day.