Morton Subotnik: new interview... It's not a synthesizer, it's an analog computer

  • This is a great interview:

    ah, Mort, i remember from classes with him, how great he is at storytelling(i'm still always glad not to have to hear the same old story of him not being able to salute in the army, hahaha).
    i really like what he says about it not being a synthesizer(when i was younger i thought a synthesizer was just a keyboard-style instrument, and when i see the old modulars, i still can't see them as synths, 'analog computer' is a much better term in my opinion).

    [Edit: and meanwhile he's got Ableton Live for the control. multifaceted. awesome.]

  • Just saw this on Matrixsynth a yesterday. Great interview.

  • interesting.

    this is a pretty great collection of interviews of people associated with the san fran tape music center, pauline oliveros, mort subotnik, etc etc. worth a read.

    such an exciting time then!

  • thanks for the history lesson!

  • Interesting interview, indeed !

    I like the historic focus on people around Buchla, they have really changed the synthie world. This makes me want a Buchla even more... grrrr !

  • He just played a brief show at NYU the other night, it was great. Apparently he's also playing a longer set at Lincoln center in April, which will include some video art aspects as well. Those in NYC should check it out. He performed in quad at NYU, so i'm assuming quad or surround at Lincoln center too. It makes a difference.

  • Great little interview with a legendary figure!
    So cool to see him in the studio today. Almost surreal, because the history of early electronic music seems so remote. And to see him sit at his computer running Ableton just feels historically impossible, yet here it is. It could be just me, but i was feeling a strange time shifting going on as I was watching this. Time was expanding and contracting in unpredictible ways.
    In addition to the quote about the synthesizer being an analogue computer, i also liked the way he described the drive/pull to make music as being drawn to it like moth to the light... so true.

    And it also makes me want to have Buchla real bad :-)

  • video not available in AU :-(((((((((

  • I found that quite inspiring, thanks!