• muffwigglers has been hacked!

  • cause it's down? that I have noticed. It's been down for almost 24 hours now. Where'd you hear it was hacked??

  • Boo hoo. I thought the IT dept at my work banned access do to the name.

  • it was a similar thing that happened to the website for my studio, someone deleted a single object in each of the pages to bring it to that directory. i am just hoping somewhere in cyber space all the info still exists!

  • It's still down :(

    Man, if went down, I don't know what I'd do. Go outside or something?

  • i have found myself on electro-music a lot more. which has some fun stuff. i think now it is time to surf through the dave smith forums.....

    but first, time to buy some 3.5mm patch cables and an envelope generator!

  • serious withdrawal. :(

  • our host backs up very frequently. we'd lose next to nothing.

  • i mean, i'd still be cursing a lot.

  • ^I hope you knocked on some of that walnut you have laying around : )

  • tehn, on that note, i wonder what sort of format this whole forum is backed up on? Ive been doing a bunch of wordclouds of my thesis, and was thinking how interesting it would be to take the entire post history and feed it in to summarize and study the philosophy structure of the community...

  • mysql. let me know and i'll get you a dump.

  • Apparently it is a dreamhost hardware problem.

  • Over the past couple years I've noticed more downtime on than probably any other site I frequently visit. That's not even an exaggeration.

    Mike (Muff) seems to defend dreamhost when users on mw have complained in the past...I don't know if that will be the case after this. I hope not. I love that forum and want it to be up.

    -edit- too? php white screen of death.

  • oh man. it's still down.

    tehn, i would cry if this happened here. and probably get a lot more music done! hehe

  • props to dreamhost for getting that splash image backup though. :/

    their team must be mad l33t

  • It's a nod to dreamhost that MW runs on their hosting offering at all, they get bad press, but their hosting really is amazing considering the cost.

  • omg that is cheap.

    i can't recommend out host enough:

    they've never let me down, and have the fastest tech support of any service i've ever used.

  • Hmm. I'm on Dreamhost. I wonder if all of my sites were down for that same span?

    (Maybe. Nobody said anything, but then, who visits any of my sites?)

    On a related note, I apparently forgot to pay my phone bill and was without service for two days. Did not notice.


  • I had a site that once had a personal site that got 100,000 uniques in a 24 hour period on DH and it ran great. That said, they did call me personally and suggest I might want to look for a different host for that site.

    So I switched that site to a $100/month Mosso (rackspace cloud offering) and the site crashed the server every 4 hours. It was a total nightmare.

    I'm a huge fan of dreamhost, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for, for $20 a year unlimited (or whatever it is these days) you really can't complain if they go down for a few days (which I've never personally experienced).

    I think Muff was saying on Twitter that MW somehow got deleted in it's entirety, and DH were working on pulling it back from a backup.

  • +n for Rimuhosting: I've had servers running with them for many years with excellent support. They're not that cheap but you get what you pay for (specifically, root access to personal virtualised or dedicated Linux builds). OK, so my JVM goes down from time to time, but the servers are solid.

    I may be an old fogie, since I have no idea what Muffwiggler is. (Was.)

  • sounds like a porn site to me

  • @watson and cassiel - oh, it is porn. of the best kind. with knobs and patch cables galore!

  • I'd have to disagree that just because you're paying a cheap yearly rate that you can't really complain if your site goes down for a few days.

    The entire MW site has been down for 4 days. That's a long effing time.

    Muff is at this moment looking for another host and I'm very glad.

  • They're baaaaack. down.

  • Killed by the crush of desperate synth nerds.

  • revived. now with soundcloud embedding ;)

  • and also in time to order some buchla clone PCBs!!!

  • @Active

    Can you send me a link to them or sum up what the pcbs are for.

    I am interested, thinking modular these days...

  • @FingerTappin -

    the 258 is a gnarly dual oscillator from our dear friend Buchla. it is one of the older and discontinued modules so it is hard/super expensive to find. one of the many reasons why it was discontinued was that Buchla, i believe, was the stopping production on a few components. it is a classic from the 200 series he did.

    this PCB is a single oscillator with some changes to make it a bit more stable as well as adding some extra "muck" sections for modding. already the cloner, J3RK, has a few mods to do on it as well as a couple of different ways to populate it for different sounds. it runs tested on 15v and seems to run fine tested on 12v, though he mentions the possibility of an op amp circuit near the output to bump up the signal. (there's 19 pages now so there is a lot to dig through!)