Hooking up simplesynth

  • I finally found a simple standalone software synthesizer for OSX: simplesynth. (http://notahat.com/simplesynth)

    I can control simplesynth with my MIDI keyboard just fine, but I can't get monome apps to connect to simplesynth. Some of the more interesting apps are designed to control MIDI instruments, so I thought using the appropriately labeled virtual input/output would would let me make noise by pushing buttons on the monome. No joy.

    No matter what I do, I can't seem to get monome apps (like polygome, boingg, etc.) to make noise using a soundbank loaded on simplesynth. How do I hook up simplesynth to monome apps?

  • I bounced some ideas off soundcyst, and he mentioned the "max/msp 1" setting. So I poked around and got a . . . different solution.

    1. Plug in monome and MIDI cable. Run monomeserial, set up device.
    2. Run simplesynth and desired Max/MSP app.
    3. In simplesynth, set "MIDI source" to "from Max/MSP Runtime 1".
    4. In the Max/MSP app (ex. boingg), set "MIDI output" to "from Max/MSP Runtime 1".

    That's it! Activate the DAC, choose your playback options, and enjoy the results. Bouncing "nylon guitar" strings in boingg.

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