arc demo app

  • tehn, could you post up the looper patch you used to demo the arc? I'd like to play with the loop record function on my soon-to-arrive 64 in anticipation of the arc's release.


  • I have some examples and some of tehn demo code (which I gently butchered)...

    There's also a max emulator in there which still needs some tweaking, but works pretty well, for early app testing.

  • what does decoupled interface mean?

  • attached!

  • decoupled: the leds are not tied to presses/turns...

  • If anyone is doing samples wrapped around the arc.

    You might be interested in this:

    which came from this thread

    640 x 351 - 59K
  • an arc would lend itself well as a cv controller for modulation or pitch on a real modular synth. alternatively imagine a modular synth with modules built in max whose gui could be built on a monome and controlled on both the monome and the arc

  • or a soft one ;-)

  • Okay, mostly there. Got it working with monomeserial.maxpat.

    Now, how do I get the loops to play back once recorded? I can see the loop as it is recorded in arc-selrange. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious...

  • thanks for posting these tehn.

    really helped me with a couple of things :)

  • Any chance of further development on this patch?

    Grainstorm is amazing, for sure, but the simplicity of this app (and lack of constant grain effect) sure is appealing...

  • @JP, whoa, it's like radiaL on crack.

  • similar situation here
    trying to make this patch work, but cant connect to arc
    do i need monomeserial.maxpat for arc connection?

  • @loch ness
    Check out arc troubleshooting threads like this:

    primarily, be sure to be running serialosc 1.0b or later.

  • yeah, got the latest serialosc. testing different arc apps but cant figure out the microlooper.. maybe tomorrow :D

  • this patch does not work with serialosc. it's an early prototype, for informational purposes. don't bother trying to make it work.

  • Not sure I got everything.
    Had to look at the video to figure a few things out.

  • @stretta

    awesome: works pretty well

    this could be a really cool patch if someone fleshed it out a bit more- I might attempt to make some additions when I get a free afternoon...

  • Can't seem to get the speaker button to stay on. Are there other steps I need to take to make this work in runtime?


  • Never mind.

    runtime dsp status access.maxpat did the trick.


  • Oh, and many thanks to tehn and stretta. This is a lot of fun!

    pewt: what sort of additions/changes are you thinking of?

  • @ hypno|sapien

    Off the top of my head I was thinking about adding upper and lower bounds for the volume LFO, an additional filter + LFO and waveform displays for each of the loopers

    it might also be nice to not have to hold the button down to record- press to start and stop would be easier

    however, I may end up converting it to a m4l patch: I don't have Max5, just m4l, so working on non-m4l patches can get a bit awkward

  • pewt: yeah, I also think the press once to record, press again to stop would be great. And maybe a per-track volume control as a press-and-turn function on the second knob...

    Maybe it's time I take a more serious look at m4l...

  • Maybe push to set the volume, spin (without pushing) to make it oscillate

    I like the idea if being able to add instant lfo to any parameter controlled by the arc

  • Oh, and a quick way to clear a recorded loop would be slick. Maybe press and hold the record button, then press the mute just above it to clear...

  • @stretta/tehn

    thanks for posting this. having initial teething problems getting it to run.

    i presume button mapping is per tehn's description accompanying vimeo video.

    i can see that my audio is being picked up as the meter level is moving in the app window.

    from loading the app i carry out following steps:

    1. connect grid and arc to app
    2. set focus to first column (press bottom row button)
    3. press and hold record button (first button from bottom)
    4. make some noise
    5. release record botton
    6. unmute loop (second button from bottom)

    at this point i'm not hearing the loop replaying

    adjusting the arc knobs has no effect.

    i noticed a few sliders on the app window, one labeled patchthrough, a couple of others unlabelled - do i need to adjust these?

    your help would be appreciated.

  • @knecht

    Are you using the runtime or full version of max? Can you hear your input through patch through? Is the DSP running?

    I'll build in a few more features to make it more runtime friendly, and post a quick start walk through to get some noise out. What I posted earlier was just the bare essentials to get running.

    Stick with us. We'll get you running. :)

  • Cleaned up a bit, added DSP configuration buttons and a help button/quick start guide.



  • @stretta

    all working now - thanks very much.

  • So excited about tml !
    Just what i was hoping for. The simple fact of reading samples with such control and finess is what arc is all about.
    Could this patch be modified to open and read pre recorded samples ? (I know it can but i don't patch). Will somebody nice do this shortly ?

    Thanks for this anyway...