fever-induced ambience

  • i wrote this track yesterday while coming back to reality from a nasty flu and liked it so i thought i'd share.


    thanks for listening!

  • calms me right down. back from the edge of the wierd (sic)

  • glad it helped :) thanks for the comment!

    after nasty sickness it feels so good to be normal again. this track was sort of a celebration.

  • very soothing! a calm celebration!

  • thanks for listening alex!

  • very nice ... so smooth

    I, too, recently recovered from the flu ... yuck was it bad!

    The track sounds fairly stripped down and raw (which I like very much) ... can you talk a bit about your process, tools used (besides the obvious guitar, a nice touch btw), etc?

  • thanks star0zero!

    sure.. it was a pretty simple setup, the whole thing took about 2 hours maybe?

    i had bought this 'ultra analog' vst plugin off audiomidi.com on one of their 'no brainer deals' a few months back and never really used it. i dug into it a bit and really liked the sounds coming out of it. the main pad sound is a tweaked preset, 'the sea' i believe in the ambient folder. there's another droney sound with an lfo that fades in on top of it -- sort of subtle. that was a custom patch in ultra analog.

    i just did one take on each patch, recording some chords with the pad sound and some monophonic "lead parts" with the other.

    did 3 takes of guitar and cut out the parts i didn't like, layered them on top of each other. i'm a horrible guitar player, more of a noodler as you can hear :).

    i also picked up this 'analog trackbox' plugin around the same time (same sort of thing -- 'no brainer' deal on audiomidi.com). put an instance of that on each track and pushed the levels a bit. that was about it.

    i appreciate the comments everybody!

  • thank you raja! i've been listening to your music on soundcloud as well and enjoyed it quite a bit. the sewer tapes release especially given that it was written close to 13 years ago! i was dabbling in electronic music back then as well so i have sort of a concept of what tools were available at the time, at least to a lowly consumer like me, and what you managed to accomplish at that point in time is pretty astounding!!

    allow me to time travel for a second.. 13 years ago, i was 17 years old, probably running windows 95. i think the pinnacle of desktop music software at the time (at least what i was exposed to) was rebirth and i was using either that or had graduated to modplug tracker. i could've spent weeks straight on a track and not achieved even close to what you achieved.

    i guess what i'm trying to say is "mad props".

  • perfectly relaxing, thoroughly enjoyable.

    i've always loved the sound of lightly picked acoustic guitar, and your "noodling" was a prime luxury to listen to.

  • thank you pixel ale!

    i don't mean to keep bumping this but i want to show my appreciation to all you wonderful people for taking the time to listen to this. it means a lot!