Learning to Make Apps

  • Im not versed in programming language. But i would like to be. Im sure there are quite a few of us here who understand some things about computers, but aren't quite there enough to start writing codes.

    so, where is a good place to start? reading material? walk throughs?
    I want to start creating my own monome apps! and i'm sure there are others out there as well!

  • Hey, I asked the same question not too long ago.

    I was told a good place to start, at least for Max/MSP programming, would be to download the demo full version of Max and do the programming tutorials in there. They are apparently quite informative.

  • Ah well that sounds cool.

  • Impromptu is pure fun to learn and doesn't have a horribly steep learning curve.
    It is OSX only though, so if your a windows/linux user your out of luck.

  • Someone recently showed me a really good PureData tutorial. Explains how to do a lot of stuff, mostly for music. Sampling, Waveshaping, Synthesis, the works. Really helpful! I"m sure there are pro's that could still learn things from this.

    Mediafire link:http://www.mediafire.com/?t3d82x4c6n2pgn8


  • definitely check out the max mlr tutorial that's on here. search the forums.

  • +1 for impromptu.
    @ yorke
    i asked the same (sort of) question couple of months back:
    i started with supercollider, but then i saw this vid:
    ..and started with Scheme (and Impromptu).

  • if you go down the max/msp route, hop on over and join the adventure in this thread:

    good luck and make sure to have fun!

  • extempore is a cross platform and open source port of impromptu from it's original author: https://github.com/digego/extempore if you're really interested in impromptu.

    I haven't tried it yet myself.

  • Max/Msp looks like exactly what im looking for. Exactly. Im stoked, now that i have my arc on the way too. Damn this is going to be sick.

  • Max/MSP is fantastic if you can afford it.

    ...and the alternatives aren't bad if you can't.

  • I'm not a MAX programmer but have had a fair amount of luck develping Quartz Composer patches that use incoming OSC messages from TouchOSC - pretty straight forward stuff.

    I'm starting to wonder about the implementation of serial OSC and the possibilities of using my monome for my video/graphics projects.

    see OSC-QC-VDMX thread here:http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=11142