TOUR TRADE: 40h/SE -> gs64

  • greetings! i'm very interested to swap my 40h/SE for a mint gs64 while i'm on tour here in the states.

    the 40h/SE has a white silicone base, with a white powder coated faceplate, and orange LED's. there is an officially installed accelerometer inside for tilt functions. the serial number is 15. it comes with the original handmade cloth carrying case from kelli. the unit is in perfect cosmetic and working condition.

    i'll be in chicago tonight and tomorrow morning, madison from saturday until wednesday, minneapolis on thursday, etc. etc. the entire schedule can be found at

    i'm interested in a straight up trade in person at one of the shows or one of the cities as my travel schedule can allow a different time to meet. a gs64 better meets the aesthetics of our show, and as well i'm afraid that i'm going to damage my 40h/SE from the rigors of touring, and as its quite rare i'd rather bust around a gs64 which is more easily replaceable in this world.

    email if you are interested, or just show up with your unit!

    evolve at


  • i would be interested if you were coming to los angeles / california! :[

  • if no one is interested by the end of our tour now, i'll consider trying to either do a trade by shipping before i leave the country or then we're going to england and iceland next in case anyone would be up for it there.

    but i'd really really love to get a gs64 as soon as possible as we've just started here in the states with 15 more dates/cities left...