I have to push one of the buttons harder to make it register.

  • Button number two on my top row does not respond as well as my other buttons. This makes me miss some presses 'cos i press it to soft.

    I have a grayscale 64.
    Do you think I should just open it and clean the connector? is it difficult?


  • it's straightforward to open it and clean it. if it doesn't help i can send you a replacement keypad.

  • http://docs.monome.org/doku.php?id=tech:hardware:disassembly:gs64

  • wipe it down, isopropyl alcohol is good. also may want to abrade (sand paper) the black pill.

  • allright, i opened it, whiped it a bit and flipped the keypads a bit around. (in case the bad button was a combination of the keypad and the board. looks like everything is working nicely now. thank's for the help, i will contact you again if it starts behaving not too good again.

  • Ok so I'm giving it a go with isopropyl (99%) and I just wiped on the "inside" of some of the keypads (on those black squares) but I'm unsure if I should wipe on the print board where the button touches the board?

  • Won't hurt.

  • the circuitboard shouldn't be dirty, but that won't hurt. you'll probably just want replacement keypads, email info@monome.org

  • oh



    it's like the day I got it!

    thanks for the reply thee oh