odd-feeling buttons

  • this is more directed at tehn than anyone else, but I'm curious as to whether anyone else has the same issue.

    i purchased a 256 back in november and have been absolutely delighted with it. in its initial state, though, the far-right column of buttons felt a bit stiffer than the rest. while I could press most of the buttons with a light tap, I could only press this column by pressing down on them with my fingers already on them, and they took noticeably more force.

    after the disassembly/reassembly instructions were posted, I took it apart to see if anything was amiss. rearranging the layout of silicone button pads mostly solved it, and, while some buttons still had less give, I was able to isolate it down to one 4x4 module. these 16 buttons feel the same that the column did originally, and moving the silicone module around results in the expected behavior of the stiff buttons moving with it, so I'm reasonably confident that it's this particular silicone module.

    brian, have you seen this before? can I potentially get a replacement 4x4 pad?

    thanks much.

  • of course! e-mail me tehn monome org

    since we do small batches, our silicone producer has had some problems with consistency in the past. we're at a good point now, but i have seen what you've mentioned, and we made serious efforts to sort them out (the 256 took an incredible amount of effort to produce.)

  • I've had some similar button-stiffness irregularity on my 256 that didn't show up in the 64. i'll disgnose more carefully and email you. thanks for the responsiveness.

  • certainly e-mail me.