8x8 rgb arduinome with faceplate and rearplate

  • Hi,
    I'm selling my 8x8 rgb (octinct revised version from hangar.org) for 200€ plus shipping. The same price that I paid for it in a kit form.

    If anyone is interested, contact me.

    Some pics and info:




  • Hi,
    Kits were sold as a part of workshop, not as a shop. There are no more kits of v2 for sell. Sch and Brd are in the wiki for anyone interested...

    If you want to expand it into a 128 I can offer two solutions:

    - Try to find 4 pcb from a friend.
    - Sell my old pcb boards (like unsped and rud ones) which I have 8 units (7 soldered and ready to go and 1 pcb without components that I can try to find...)

    The second ones doesn't fit in the hangar semi-case, dremel skills involved to fit them into a case.

    If anyone is interested on any kind of boards I will sell them at 50 euros each board (with rubber buttonpad included) and if anyone wants a shield I will gift one for each 4 boards or sell them apart for 15 euros.


  • ...all soldered and tested of course...

  • Hi,
    I do the math at online web for shippment at my country and it calculate 38 €.

    I have some interested near my city for the ready with case unit.

    Old boards (like unsped and rud) can be fitted in less space and I believe the shippment cost will drop.

    About developing I can tell you that is a matter of time to someone obtain full potential from these units. Jordan, Owen and Jonathan are working on chronome soft but it is based in arduino mega and as I tell them at CDM their boards doesn't seem to "easy fit" in regular cases and everyone must make themselves.

    For my part, I'm selling these units at the same cost I paid for them (without taking in consideration all the work involved around) to stimulate the developing.

    The new boards (with few tweaks like case friendly) with pvc sandwich ready to code and the old ones for people who want them from rud and can't get them or people who get them and want to make a 8x8.

    If I can't sell them I will get ready a Tinct reborn (original 4x4 Jonathan idea) with 2 softpots and thinner case ;)

    I'm also focusing some efforts on Remote Scripting for Ableton Live, maxforlive full rgb router, pd+LiveOsc way and open for any help or advice.

    The lack of developing is caused by two factors:
    1- People who has the knowledge at hangar haven't the time (or the interest)
    2- People who has the interest hasn't the knowledge.

    I'm in the middle of booth with some knowledge about what todo but not howto do.

    If anyone want to help and release the patches for the community I can made an special price for the boards of course.


  • I'm not arguing about the great work of owen and others!


    My old boards spent 2 years inside a tuperware due a design mistake... nothing else and I will love the chronome will full ready case (please!)

    I hope they release their improvements and work altogheter.

  • If the person near your city doesn't come through, I'd buy that one right now.

    Failing that... I have parts for a 4x8 here. I'm wary about buying more parts for a bigger unit, 'cause I haven't built that much yet. But I guess I would -- maybe having enough to finish a 64 or 128 would be the final push I need?

    I'd be much happier about buying the completed one, if that ends up being possible. =)

  • Hi!
    the 8x8 was sold but I'm trying to make a deal with another friend changing its 8x8 for my 2 4x8...

    in other hand... how is your soldering 4x8 status? Maybe I can change you these 2 boards and sell you 2 more... all ready to go! I have another project in my hands and I'm recycling old ones (non led soldered will be greattttt)

    interested? ;)

  • Mine are not soldered. I'm not proud to admit, but they've sat there a while waiting for me. Let's make something happen. :)

  • Drop me an email mate!

    I have it at my profile!