Hypnagogia - Myr. New sound art piece exploring sleep cycles as a compositional tool.

  • Just pulled an all-nighter doing this piece for a university assignment. Thought I'd put it out in case anyone's interested.

    Compositionally it's based on the sleep cycles during an average 8 hour nights sleep. So, lots of dream like textures and ideas coming out fast and then disappearing. To keep it linking it uses all acoustic sound sources recorded in a one day session. The piece was then written and produced in one day, just under 11 hours. It could probably do with a bit of touching up and rethinking, but it was a good challenge and got me writing again instead of programming. I also limited the amount of effects I could use sticking to filters, reverb, delay and time stretching.

    Comments more than welcome.


  • Beautiful composition! A lot of things come to mind. Namely, cinema. The Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry for one... Also maybe a hint of Lynch. But I guess it's hard to avoid that with a similar sonic vocabulary like hard piano hits and some muffled noises, like your heads on a pillow. Also like like the spread between silence and loud sound. Some nice ideas at work here... Good work

  • This whole piece just makes sense to me i cant explain. Awesome stuff man really.

    Would you be cool if i took your idea and did my own piece? ive had alot of sleep paralysis scenarios and putting them into sound seems like an awesome idea.

  • @ Mid

    Thanks a lot! The compliments mean a lot. Reactions have convinced me to start doing a bit more of this Sound Art type stuff.

    @ Dean

    Glad you liked it man! Of course you can use the idea, it was set out a bit more in detail in the live set. Set up some midi tracks acting as time lines of the 5 sleep cycles and their 5 stages. You're more than welcome to the live set and samples used.

    Email it over dropbox?