Monome Base 4.4: What to Keep?

  • I've been going through the process of converting all the Monome Base apps over to serialOSC and I'm running into a problem. I'm not quite sure which apps to keep in there and what can even be used.

    I've already done the following:
    1. Monome Midi Press 64
    2. Monome Midi Slide 64
    3. Monome Test
    4. Monome Midi 64

    I will probably convert (regular and 256 versions [by vlad spears]):
    1. Vu_Flash
    2. Vu_Scroll
    3. Vu_Spec
    4. Slide

    The ones I'm not sure about are:
    1. Prefix_rotate
    2. [Routers folder]
    3. [How to version]

    For prefix_rotate, I'm just not sure if It's possible to build?
    For the routers folder, it claims its already obsolete, so should I just not do anything but include them anyways?
    Should I update the How_To folder? Or just update the README with links to the official webpage here?

    Thanks in advance for your support.

  • BUMP! With a purpose.

    In addition to my old questions:

    I'm wondering if anyone wants to take up modifying slide, or at least taking a peak at it. I got Monome Midi Slide 64 working easy but the 256 version (slide) by vlad is different and isn't working right. I keep running into this error where if I keep his method, the press data is sent but LED data is constantly == 0. If I rewrite it using a funnel object instead of his pack it lights up, but only the first row (as in even a press on row 7 lights row 1).

    So if your up to peeking at the trouble area of code, I'll comment it out and attach it here.


  • 1. Routers like monoroute (and the router i hope to build) will fill this role.
    2. I don't think we need it anymore.
    3. we should keep these

    i could take a look at slide.

  • Oke doek. I'll update the How-To's then, including a conversion patch.

    I'll comment out the error and send it your way in like x

  • So heres the two versions of slide in one package. The error is occurring in the _slide_col.maxpat file (99% sure). I put a panel behind the segment of problematic code and commented it out.

  • i think the cause is a known bug in serialosc

  • Hmmm. Somehow I didn't find that thread before, but that looks like that could be it. Vlad is using bit wise operators that are shifting the argument +1 for each press but since they get rounded down, they aren't showing up. That would also make sense why the visual bars in the app seem to jump from place to place.

    EDIT: I guess I can just put off on editing that one, since there are still other slide apps out there. I'll add this back to the collection when a revision to serialosc pops up that fixes it.

  • it isn't always 0, the led is sent to a shifted column

  • Almost done with all the serialosc revisions here guys, just have two quick questions and then I'll package it all up and send it your way tonight hopefully.

    First: what in the world does _vu_flash do? I read the description, tried running it (through monomeserial bridge) but no LEDs light up. I've spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out this simple patch, which is frustrating because I can't convert something if I don't even know if it works.

    So can someone trying running _vu_flash from the 4.4 base and tell me if it works for them, what it should look like, etc. If it doesn't work, I just won't include it in the new monome base.

    Second: Has anyone had a chance to take a peek at slide? I might look at it one more time, but if I can't get it working by tonight I'll just give up on it for the time being since there are similar application I've already converted to serialosc (64faders).

    EDIT: New additions to Monome Base 4.5:
    1. monome_midi_press_128 (requested by someone else in another thread).
    2. Updated how-tos

  • '/slide/grid/led/col $2 0 $1'

  • @griot.
    Yeah that got me back my LEDs, but it is still doing the weird thing where any press only shifts LEDs of column 1. I.E. Any given press on columns 1-8 only moves column one.

    Thanks for your help by the way.

  • oops

    '/slide/grid/led/col #1 0 $1'

    EDIT: seemed fine the first time cause i was testing the first column. heh.

  • Is it working on your end? I just made that revision and still getting same error, I think it isn't a serialosc problem though after seeing this. Just a silly max error somewhere.

  • it works for me. i'll pack it up
    EDIT: *ahem* uno momento por favor - the leds are inverted

  • alright!
    i am back to the bug theory because NOW i am sure it is sending proper messages.

    if you look at the toggle i have set up a WHOLE row should blink. I only get half a row.

    BUT the code is now good. I think. (255 255 for full lights and 0 0 for no lights)

  • .9 fixes the the last issue i had making it work.

  • this has been on my list for years, thank you for jumping on it.

    i think we should split into two collections:

    1. testing, howto, tutorials
    2. midi (various)

  • definitely a great idea to split them.
    in fact, maybe they should all be separated and create a page for debug/testing apps.

  • that (the one i uploaded) patch may(did) have an 8 for offset... for no good reason.

  • @Griot.
    Yeah. When they came out with 0.9 I retried the patch and knew it worked, just been out for a bit. Thanks for the help. I'm just in the process of updating the how-tos and finishing a monome_midi_press_128.

    so should I just post it as one collection with two folders? 1. Testing, how-tos, etc... and 2. midi / utilities.

    Or should it be two separate collections altogether?

    In either case, it should be done by this week, just finished my finals.

  • *poke*

    Finals went well, I hope?

  • *poke* +1

  • ahaha.
    Yeah. Sorry bout' that. I got distracted working on other projects. Will finish these and post this weekend. It's like 90% done anyways... it's mostly just the OSC and Serial how to that I have to change.

    O wait no, I looked through the folder again and my main delay was trying to build a monome_midi_press_128 someone requested it in another thread. It's all good though.

    Thanks you guys for "poking" me into remembering.

  • Eagerly awaiting this, its much appreciated.

    Should be up tonight, all I have left are revising the how-tos and then building the mods that others have requested (optional split channels in monome_midi_64). I'll upload tonight no matter what, even if I don't manage to finish the mods just yet.

    Don't think I'll end building a monome_midi_128 either, unless enough of you request it here. I don't see a value in terms of the musical scale + you could always just run two instances of 64.

    In the how-tos there is stuff regarding cable orientations and it doesn't seem that serialOSC supports this yet, or at least the messages haven't been listed yet. Can we get and update on this / find out the message?

  • i was just wondering if the vu apps are adapted to the 128? i have not attempted but figured id ask since there was a specific for 256.

  • i don't think any of the vu apps for the 256 were properly ported to serialosc. vu_spec_256 and vu_scroll_256 (serialosc versions) only display on the top half of a 256. so i guess they would function fine for the 128...