Live Control_TO help.. one way communication only

  • I thought I would ask , I read through the Live Control posts (via search) and tried almost everything I could, and am still only getting one way OSC communication from Iphone to Ableton, but no feedback from Ableton to Iphone.

    Problem listed below.

    I am currently only getting one way communication in ableton from the iphone via touchOSC I do not recieve OSC from ableton to the iphone. I have tried all the usual suspects to get this to work, I can use MaxMSP and use the simple send and recieve patch and get OSC to and from the iphone, yet when I try (on two different computers) to run Live Control I am able to control Ableton, but am not able to recieve any OSC to the iphone. (Also tried two different iphones) Bassically the TouchOSC Livecontrol template will load and control Ableton but it will not update with any information. upon opening up the Max window, I get thge following:

    binding to port 5002
    OSC-route ("OpenSoundControl route") object version 1.17.1 by Matt Wright, Michael Zbyszynski.
    Copyright ) 1999,2000,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08 Regents of the University of California. All Rights Reserved.
    oscbonjour (mDNS for maxmsp) version 0.1 alpha
    binding to port 4001
    binding to port 5000

    Like I mentioned above I can communicate to Ableton (also using midi yoke for pad and keyboard control) perfectly, just cannot recieve information back from Ableton to iphone.

    I have tried several things mentioned in previous posts ie: Firewall

    Windows 7
    TouchOSC 1.6.4
    Ableton 8.2.1

    other OSC related devices
    Monome MK64 (Mabye issue?)
    Monome gs128
    Stribe v1 on Arduiono
    Novation Remote zero (mabye issue?)

    Anyhelp would be awesome. so close yet so far...

  • there are definitly some issues with windows 7 that ive not figured out. Its something to do with either networking, firewall, or some other process binding to the same ports as livecontrol.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply,

    Is there anywhere (file) or way to manually change the OSC send/recieve ports in LiveControl_To?

    Like I mentioned above, when I upload the simple send and recieve template and patch (MaxMSP) from the Hexler site, and enter in the iphone IP I have two way communication.

    I could be really wrong, but I think the issue (for me at least) lies somewhere in the binding of the port.

    //I have used LiveControl Monome in the past, and there didnt seem to be any communication errors

    I absoutley love the LiveControl_TO template layout, thank you for making such a wonderful interface and thanks again for the help.

  • LiveControl (the python bit of it) binds internally to 4000/4001 maybe something else on win7 runs on those ports?

    You can change these in the top of but you'll also need to update those ports in the max router. I'll need to add the max patch to svn as its only distributed as a standalone atm.

  • Just for the hell of it, I added LIVEOSC trunk_132 to the midiremote scripts. (Before I read your reply)

    I havent explored why, but its now working wonderful...

    Going to give it a shot on other computer (same setup) and see if it solves the issue there as well.

    //was I supposed to add LiveOSC to my midi remote scripts?

    ///Max window in LiveControl_TO reads the same as before. so I never did any port changes, just added LiveOSC to MidiRemote scripts in Ableton

  • ok just tried it on another computer, Windows 7x64 same OS, same Network.

    I did not add LiveOSC to this computer.

    What I currently believe has happened is:

    When I added LiveOSC_trunk_132 to Ableton on Laptop, it changed the Incoming Port in TouchOSC to 7400 instead of the recommened 5001

    so Network config in TouchOSC looks like this:

    Host: xxxxx.local.
    Port: (outgoing) 5000
    Port: (incoming) 7400
    Local IP address:

    works like a charm..