in need of a 40h faceplate

  • hi everyone,

    i am looking for a faceplate for a recently purchased 40h kit that was already assembled...i am making a lego enclosure for it and all i will need is the faceplate.

    please let me know if you have a faceplate or if you know anyone that makes/is selling one.

    thanks a lot!!

  • I'd double check to make sure you're after the right thing. From the looks of it, you bought what someone told you was a 40h ( ) and you got an arduinome w/ sparkfun buttons? If that's the case, you didn't get what you paid for. Take a picture of your board and maybe we can help identify it with greater certainty.


  • We've got an assortment of faceplates available at, including some that work with a SparkFun 64. If our standard models don't work for you, we can make one according to your specs.

  • @ItsJustDave

    im positive it is a has the monome writing on the circuit board. i tried to take the best picture of the two boards and buttons. ill email you the pictures because i cant attach them on here...


    i was reading your posts earlier today...60 bucks right now is pretty expensive for me but i will see if i can come up with the funds! do you have the enclosure kit done? because i am making mine out of legos and idk if its gonna work haha

  • now that i look at i think i might have monome buttons!