new to monome, just set up, and i need some help!

  • hey everyone,

    i just got my first monome today and I have it all set up and i tested it and everything works. The problem that I am running into is that i am using mlr and it is asking for audio files to be dropped in and i dont know where to get those from...can anyone help?


  • if you're on mac just grab a .wav loop from the finder. i'm sure you can drag and drop with windows also.

  • problem is im on a pc...and im trying to find where i can get those, are they downloaded or do they come with the apps?

  • well an audio file can be anything. stuff you sample from records, stuff you record into you computer, etc.

    but no sound files come with MLR, it's all up to you to get. you can find free sample packs people put up around the web.

  • check freesound for loops or you can create your own in your DAW if you have one.

  • welcome aPre! check out sampleswap that should get you started -turn on ,tune in ,drop out -chud

  • thanks a lot guys! i was kinda wondering if that was what i had to do...i have ableton live 8 so i am just gonna play around with that and see what i can do! and thanks for the websites, ill be checking those out!

  • If you are an ableton user... it is great to make your samples in ableton and then bounce them out!

  • i should also mention i am relatively new to ableton as well haha so i got some fun learning ahead of me! :)

  • some folks have also posted some samples they use in [[|this thread]]

  • @soundcyst

    thanks dude! i appreciate it!


    with ableton, would i just make a sample, save it, and then load it up in mlr?