WinXP options for 2011 devices.

  • I have a Sony VAIO laptop with Windows XP, Ableton Live 8.xx and Max/MSP/Jitter v.5. Plan to get M4live at some point soon. (edit: got it)
    My 256 is here and arc on the way later.
    I can't decide whether to install Serial PYio, SerialOSC (not available for PC yet?), monomeserial/bridge, or...? Only some of the above?
    Pros and cons of the different options would be great. Also I'd welcome advice and opinions on what the future developments are likely to bring.
    I realize some of this is personal choice/YMMV and scattered throughout the other help threads (which I have been reading). Also the older devices may work best with one solution and the new 2011 editions with another.
    I probably want to use MAX for the most part but when I need to install Python/Chuck I can do that.
    I just read this, maybe it's the best advice available now:
    Will try when I get home.

  • I think there are quite a few of us in the same XP/PC quandary (my 256 is stuck in customs but I will be in the same boat as you by next week hopefully).

    It's a little tough being a PC user around here at the moment, but from what I've read so far, the temp max patch you refer to seems to do the job for the 2011 editions.

  • at the moment is the only option for windows. it works. serialosc for windows is very close-- will sent me a working version recently and auto-detection is the last step to figure out.

  • Thank you, my life is simpler again.

  • With the release of the SerialOSC beta the complexity has returned to it's previous high levels at least for me.
    Do I have to uninstall anything?
    With 1101 I was at least able to get the monome test patch responding before calling it a night.
    I haven't tried the zeroconfig externals yet, will have a try later on.

  • The max 1101 patch works fine for me on both XP sp2(DAW)+3(laptop).

    Not sure if you are an exisiting monome user, but if so, you should not need to instal/uninstal anything other than
    1. open MAx runtime and run the above max patch instead of monomeserial
    2. select the appropriate com port
    3. open an app (e.g. boiingg)
    4. make sure prefix in patch 1101 above is corect e.g. /boiingg

    this should be enough

    if not then get back to me, as I just had to get my new 256 working on another XP comp that I never used for my monome before and so I had to install ALL requred progs/drivers etc from scratch

    edit: just to add, that I can't get winserialosc running on any XP system so far either, so maybe best to wait a little while longer untill the big boys get things sorted and post up a clear runthrough.

  • Appreciate the response/instructions.
    I have the new January 256. Didn't use any monome previously, although I have used the Akai APC40.
    Not sure but I suspect I first may need to make sure the driver is set up properly. I recall that it was FTDI CDM but I don't remember doing anything about enabling VCP or otherwise tweaking anything.
    How can I check that it is correct, apart from running max test patch (and having it only work once, on the first trial?)
    The 1101 patch mentioned ports 4 and 64, but when I tried to run Boiingg, the monome does not light up. I think I set the prefix correctly. I can use the virtual 256 included with Boiingg without problems.

  • I didn't have a compiler on my laptop so I didn't build the zeroconfig exe and all that. I suppose that's a necessary step to run serialosc?

  • 'The 1101 patch mentioned ports 4 and 64', try com port 4 this is probably your monome

    if still doesnt work, check your com ports, go to control panel/system/device manger/comports&lpt and you should see a com port named (USB Serial port COM+ a number), right click and select properties and you should see the drivers listed as ftdi, if not then maybe better to start fresh with drivers

    disconnect monome

    use 'ftclean' to remove all FTDI drivers (it's on their site somewhere)

    dl new FTDI drivers (i am using 2.08.02 certified)

    connect monome and when asked, go to the ftdi drivers you just downloaded

    now do the max stuff from above

    1. open MAX runtime and run the above max 1101 patch instead of monomeserial
    2. select the appropriate com port (probably 4 for you)
    3. open an app (e.g. boiingg)
    4. make sure prefix in patch 1101 above is corect e.g. /boiingg

  • i'd also give winserialosc a miss for the moment,

    get your monome runnning with the MAX 1101 patch which is confirmed to work

  • Hey, thanks, I will try it all again with the driver install etc. when I get off work and the wife's not doing word documents on my computer.
    I have all these old computers available but of course she has to be running the latest (mine).
    She has a deadline so possibly I won't get to it before Tuesday.