Ableton: External Max LFO Madness

  • So I saw this on Matrixsynth today and think it would be really awesome to expand on what this guy has done by adding in monome support.

    Check it here:

    He basically made a self modulating LFO in MaxMSP that can control any assignable MIDI parameter in order to whip out the chaos. Think it would be really cool to create one giant Max Patch with about 8(or 16) of these in it that can be controlled by the monome.

    I'm going to try to snag a copy of his Max patch (he says you have to subscribe and comment to get a copy..... lame)

    What do you guys think?

  • I have plans for some LFO madness the second I get the arc!

  • Sweet sweet. I'm thinking of a couple things to make for the arc but I didn't snag one so we'll see how that goes.

    Side note: I just commented on his channel, so if you just want to wait I'll upload it here, although it sounds like it's going to end up being a standalone, so we'll see. hopefully I can modify it.

  • you may or may not have seen these devices...


    advanced lfo tools




    LFO 1.0

    not that all of those are particularly well executed, but probably good for reference if nothing else...

  • @lokey
    Yeah thanks for those man, they look interesting. The thing that is of interest in this guys patch though is more like a "MIDI randomizer". In that it just randomly jumps within a range. So it's not just an LFO, it can be used for anything, including screwing up your synth sounds.

  • I have a few LFO tools on my website also.

    the patches are mostly on though with the exception of the standalone. if anyone objects to registering to get them, just email me.

  • I'd add "trails" to that list. Especially for the "MIDI randomizer" factor.

  • I'm a huge fan of

    One of the truly awesome things is you can drop 4 of these in an ableton track and have the first 3 modulate parameters in 4th one which can lead to effects that I can only describe as dub steps wub wub gone crazy, and it's all in sync, it's crazy fun.

  • Thanks guys for the list, I've got a lot to explore now. I forgot about trails, so I might try that out. Gonna see what else I want to try out.

  • @raja

    what is the colored matrix / static boxes after the jit.noise and jit.unpack objects?