Ableton prepped files for mlr or mlrV not working

  • I mentioned this in a mlr m4l thread, but I checked it out in MLRV 2.1 and I have the same issue, so I don't think it's the mlr m4l port. If I prep a loop in Ableton, the either crop it, consolidate it, or export it, I cannot drop it into either version of mlr. Stereo, mono, ,aiff, .wav, doesn't matter. I even took the export into Pro Tools, did a bounce to disk, and still no joy.

    A headscratcher. Anyone else seen behavior like this?

    I'm on MBP 10.6.5, Live 8.2.1, MLRV 2.1 or mlr m4l Aes 0.4 - Alphanerd edit.

    The problem was that there was a "/" in the Live Set title, which messed up the file path for MLR. D'oh!