its arrived,.................

  • and it is sat at my house all lonely in its box, and i am stuck in work

    might have to feign illness so i can go home and give it some lovin......

    i am so happy it is beyond words!

    big props to brian and kelli, and i havent even played with it yet

  • god those diodes are small - that has taken me a little by surprise and fills me with dread

  • it's very easy, don't worry!

  • i admire your unswerving confidence in my ability!

    cheers tehn, i will keep you posted - it may be the messiest monome yet but as long as it works i'm not too fussed!

  • I'll admit I have been soldering for a while. But the kit went together easy.

    I used a cheap 15w iron from Radio Shack. My iron of choice for cheapskates like me.

    I smoke and I have very shaky hands and was fearing soldering the diodes and the mass amount of LEDs.

    But for the LEDs I just tested them all with a 3.3v battery and then pushed them all through the pcb at the same time. Flipped the PCB making sure they were all flush. Soldered one leg of each LED. Flipped the PCB back over and straightened them all out then finished soldering the remaining legs.

    **I'm using the recommended LEDs so alignment wasn't that critical since they have a low MCD.

    For the diodes I just dumped them all on the table. Put a little solder on one pad for each diode. Used standard tweezers to get them lined up in the correct orientation. Heat the presoldered pad while still holding the diode with the tweezers. Let the the solder cool and went on to the remaining diodes. After I was done with the first pads I soldered the other pad for all diodes.

  • that sounds like a good plan

    thanks gadnium - i wasnt sure of the most logical way to approach it

  • I took a slightly different approach with the LEDs, I held the LED in straight and then bent both legs back as much as they could go. that way the LED was firmly held in place before I started to solder.

    The diodes are small, but you'll get into a rhythm and you'll fly through them.

    I'm righthanded, and this made sense to me:

    - tin the right pad,
    - needlenose pliers place the diode
    - heat the tinned pad

    The diode should now be firmly in place, I did some of the individually, but after a while I was tacking one side of an entire row on, and then flipping the board around to do the other side at a good angle.

    Cheap soldering iron here too, although I wish I'd had a better one.
    Make sure you have flux core solder.


  • just wanted to say,
    the 40h was my first foray into soldering
    just make shure your soldering is thorough the first time
    otherwise there is nothing to worry about