Solved: MLR abstraction files

  • I've edited MLR and 64step to run in "lloopp".
    (a max/msp live improvising environment)

    It's great for routing audio from vsti's into MLR's input, and between multiple Monome apps.

    My problem is that the apps files are kept in an "_abstactions" folder. And even though you can seperate app files in a sub-folder inside _abstractions, you can't run an app in lloopp if there are any patch files with identical filenames.

    The only conflict with MLR and 64 step (which i'd like to run together), is the abs files. (like 64button.abs.mxb). So all i need to do is change the filenames of these abs files.

    I'm having a hard time searching for where these abs files are being used in the MLR patch, so I can change what mxb file they refer to, etc

    thanks for any help!!

    ps. If anyone uses lloopp, I'm happy to share!

  • You did it! Nice one Eimhin.

    You're gonna expose lots of people to the wonderful platform that is Lloopp - its gonna blow their minds.

    I'd love a copy of the patch to try out. If I can help at all let me know.

  • I'll upload the patch to you when I get home later tonight!

    Yeh I'm pretty excited!! I've ported a slew of monome apps already (mlr, 64step, flip, muon, boiingg, drumwreck, and all of stretta's 64 apps). I've also ported bangInclude's !Switch app so that you can switch apps in Lloopp. (love that one!!)

    The only limitation is any patches that are using the same prefix. So far it's only been 64step and Flip that conflict.

    Fixed: I found where all the 64button abstraction files were hanging out in the main patch of MLR. So now it can run alongside 64step.

    I'll post all of the ports after I make a few tweaks.

  • wow it seems to be a great environement for music.
    I am new to max but not in music ,I have only the runtime prog. I am using reaktor with the patches of Kid Sputnik because of that. So I think I cannot help you, but I am very interrested by the phylosophy of lloop.
    All the patches in one, unbelievable.

    Ps: sorry for the faultes, but I am a french monomemaniac lol
    (Mais ou sont les monomes francais???) h

  • Great, lloopp seems really interesting. Thanks!

  • Hey Eimhin,

    Any chance you could upload the edit of mlr that runs in Lloopp? I'm excited to try it!


  • hook it up!

  • Sorry for the delay, I went on vacation for a week. I'll upload MLR asap!

    I'm still having issues with getting MLR and 64step to run simultainiously, because Lloopp treats all it patches like they are in the same folder.

    I have MLR using unique abs files, but there seems to be some send/recieves in there that are making the two patches continue to conflict. If anyone could help me with that, I'd love you forevs.