insanity_3 (updated 19/12/2012)


  • to echo my comment in the other thread:

    YESSSSSSSSS! makes my 64 even more useful. cheers, will report back on usuage soon! :D

  • looks fantastic!

  • this looks awesome! also if anyone can help me get this talking to MLRV2.1 on a mac please post here

  • very cool...

  • cannot wait to try this.

  • Just gave it a quick run-through in Ableton (XP/SP3, monomeserial version) and it works well. Thanks so much!

  • Very cool!

  • trying on windows 7 serial osc, I get the monome (gs64) button presses moving sliders, sending midi, but no leds lighting. using ad-rewire to ableton live.

  • @rawore thanks

    i've got no way of checking the serialosc stuff but i'll just go look over it quickly. probably a spelling mistake..

  • fixed (i think)

    on the wiki

  • Yeah @stevie.

    It seems to be working fine on my end. I just installed serialosc on my older MacBook (I've got a huge LAN party going on and someones using my Pro). Don't know about the windows serialosc version rawore is using, I'll give it a look if it's not reported to be solved soon.

    Thanks for building this by the way, 64 faders was one of my favorites and this just made it even better!

  • cool, thanks.

    yeah i hadn't changed the prefix in the bpatcher and missed changing it in a route object somewhere else.

    such a rookie with this serialosc magic..

  • Yeah I feel ya, took me an eternity to convert over my first one, but they just fly by now.

    Only thing I can think to add is that it would be much more helpful if all the notes didn't default to 0. It's not that big of a deal since you can just set it up and save it, but I think it'd make it much more valuable to achieve the "I have an inspiration, let's set it up quick!"

  • yeah, i just haven't remembered to save any of my presets. hah. and i'm pretty busy.

    the link edit button is handy for getting all the notes in a page to the right tonal area though.

    you can save over the faderconfig file to have your presets load automatically too.

  • hey, so this looks like the closest that anyone has come to recreating mapd, the first app i ever used, and ive bee looking for a particular functionality ever since: a radio group mode, that functions like a row of toggle buttons which can be set to individual notes or a single cc value, where only one pad per row is able to be active. This lets you set a single note to play out, or specify particular non-linear values of a particular cc. I used to use this to jump directly to particular quantizations in abletons beat repeat...

  • @srs

    leds lighting now! now to mind my cc's



  • @lokey re: radiobuttons mode?, possible. will ponder it.. :)

    @rawore re: mash, mash coming.

    mash + 64insanity is pretty cool with 64insanity controlling vst synth inputs and binding midi buttons to record and also having vst effects control etc.

    tho, with mash i'll probably clean up a few things, add serial osc and post it. then rewrite the whole damn thing. it's messy as hell and i've learned so much writing it that most of what i started with is shite.

  • and if you're wondering where I got the color scheme from...

    "that's bone"

  • AWESOME! I was thinking to learn max and build something like this, but this is way beyond what I imagined. This is going to be one of my main monome apps!

  • after having tested this app for a bit i would like to report back that it is amazing! great job. i love the new notes mode, how each can be a toggle, have it's own channel, etc. very clever.

  • is there anyway i could use an app like 64 insanity, which has a set of midi faders, to control 1 group volume level in mlrv 2.1 and 2 columns of faders on the 64. this would allow for greater resolution and detail.

    two columns of faders (14 steps instead of 7 for volume) to midi control 1 volume group level in mlrv. 8 columns would control all 4 groups.

    can anyone help me with this?

    also what is the parameter 'fine speed' per ms cc affecting?

  • to quote myself from the file named readme included in the zip file.

    "two finger presses in a slider column move slider by the 'fine' speed in the direction of the second press."

    this way you can get all 127 points of midi resolution just watch the fader on screen.

    no idea how you would use 2 columns other than completely rewriting the whole thing.

  • actually come to think of it.

    if you set the two faders to the same midi cc value then set the first one

    min 0
    max 64

    then the second one

    min 64
    max 127

    they will control the same fader in mlrV just different parts of it.

    kinda like the fine speed myself though :)

  • YES! the multiple column same cc assignment works wonders. thanks so much.

    sorry for the confusion, but i still don't quite understand fine speed. is this a physical gesture you are referring to when you say two finger presses? are they simultaneous? i cannot seem to enter in the correct combination to utilize fine speed.

  • sorry, press and hold in a column, then press another button in the column and it moves the slider 1 cc every x (fine speed) ms that you hold the two down.

    i usually set around 300ms..

  • Fine speed is the sh*t! Sloooooooooow fades, yipee!

  • i'm having a problem someone could perhaps help me with. when i tried using 64insanity with mlrv 2.1, i got the faders mapped and they work great, but when i tried mapping notes to functions in mlr it doesn't work.

    when i map a note to a reverse, it shows up in the mapping window with the correct values, but when i press the button it doesn't reverse. or when i map a note to a mute, it toggles the mute on, but pressing the button again won't unmute it, whether in that button is on toggle mode or not.

    i see a lot of potential here, i'd love to get this working!

    my setup: mlrv 2.1 and 64 insanity on a 256 using quadrants.
    midi input/output: IAC Driver Bus 1

  • @elquinto

    bump the vel (velocity) up to 127. it's 100 by default (which is probably only good for keyboards)

    seems mlrv2 looks for 0 and 127 for toggles. use toggle mode too otherwise it'll change then change back.

    @antiphon :)

  • yeah fine speed rocks!!!! woooooo.

    and as for link edit? it saves positions when page selecting??

  • link edit copies further changes to all corresponding parameters within the selected page. helpful if you want change all velocities etc.

  • what if in fader mode, while holding a button, tapping above or below the button being held would increase or decrease the volume by one cc for every tap? this would allow for extra fine increments/decrements. is this something that would take a lot of time? can you add this while keeping everything else intact?

    edit: for this to work no cc transmission would be allowed in the act of holding a button press so that the audio does not jump. for example, let's say i'm at midi step (0-127) 49. if i want to bring it down a couple steps i hold the highest lit led (on the vertical axis) and instead of it jumping back down to midi step 42, as it currently does, it stays at 49 and then i can tap the button below twice to bring it down to 47.

  • i get it now. this is a great patch! a mega upgrade for my setup that i will be utilizing for performance and production.

  • i am having trouble getting midi to connect to live. i have midi output set to iac driver bus 1 and live's midi input set to receive from iac driver bus 1 but no midi note/cc messages are being received in live.

    mbp osx 10.6.6
    serialosc 0.9
    gs 128/jan'11 256

  • @machsymbiont do you have 'remote' and 'track' enabled on the midi input in live

    works fine for me...

    also your idea is pretty good but would involve changing some things. might look into it..

  • hi. i finally got around to downloading the patch. i really really like it. great patch.

    toggle led by incoming midi. this way we could see if a effect is on or if a clip is playing f.ex. (talking about ableton live)
    so being able to choose incoming midibort and toggle leds by midi.

    finespeed fucks up for me sometimes. try to set the speed pretty low. then go 0-127 in finespeed. then go 127-0. for me i have to press two or three times before it registers the second movement(decreasing)

  • @stevieraysean i do have track and remote enabled.

    edit: i just tried it again. it works for me now. the only difference was that last night i opened 64insanity first then live. today i opened live first.

    ps thank you so much for 64insanity. it's a wonderful app! if the one-step cc increments/decrements become a reality my apc40 will become obsolete. and that would be terrific!

  • I tried it last night, did a quick setup for a dj set and it was a lot of fun!

  • i have something to say... i am absolutely amazed by this tool. i spent the whole day experimenting with it in ableton. i managed to take full control of a midi plugin(audio damage axon), controlled a smpler instrument on another page und assigned the some faders to instrument rack knobs. and i could even launch and record clips on the fly(by mapping them manually with midinotes). this is heaven.

    the one thing i would wish for is the toggle button option to be fixed. it doesnt toggle like

    ON-> (led on) / OFF -> (led off)

    at the moment it toggles like this:

    ON-> (led on) / xxx -> (led off) / OFF -> (led on)

    if this problem can be solved i will definitely use this at my next show.
    cheers and thanks so much. and where is the donate button?

  • it would be interesting to see more details about how you controlled the axon plugin, for me.

  • @rawore

    ho to use this with axon:
    i had to map the parameters in the ableton window and not in the plugin window, because otherwise it doesn´t get saved.

    i created the map for axon on 3 pages.

    page 1:
    fader 1 - rate (1/32, 1/16, 1/8)
    fader 2-8 - theshhold of the neurons (every neuron has 7 states, so it fits perfectly on the 7-step fader)

    page 2:
    neurone volumes mapped in the mixer section (this will control the outgoing velocities of the generated notes)

    page 3:
    i mapped individual notes on the individual pitches of the neurons (this part was tricky, i had to do some advanced ableton midi-range tweaking there, so i got the right notes on the buttons)

    the other pages can be used for audioeffects, more midi delays and stuff... i like this approach so much more than using an ordinary step sequencer. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

    too bad the "wires" of axon can´t be controlled via midi. but you can setup varouis presets beforehand. i hope that hepls. i can´t stop tweaking this setup further. perfect for jamming with others. forget the pianoroll :D

  • @KristofferLislegaard done some work on midi led input already, not far off. do clips in ableton send midi note or cc?

    @flur will look into the toggle thing, doesn't sound right. you're right it should be on/off.

    donate? paypal =>


    glad you guys like it. i'm considering some of the requests. will be an update soon. i've also changed the midi note display to show the note pitches C#2 etc instead of numbers...

  • i just donated a few bucks for now :)
    i see so much potential in this patch.

    here are some ideas that came to me while configuring the patch.
    - individual fading speeds for every single slider would be very cool
    - yeah, notenames would be great also.
    - as stated already the toggle button should send out 1(light) or 0(dark), right? maybe there could be more button states with individual notevalues and individual led intensies. so you have one button, but you could toggle between more than two midi messages. but i guess this is not so important and far too complex at the moment.
    - also: is it possible that ableton communicates back to the monome. so if a knob gets tweaked by the mouse, change of presets, other controller, could that fader on the monome automatically recieve this parameter change?(also not very important, just something i thought about)

    cheers. i´m looking forward to the next update :)

  • yeah I started doing some midi cc buttons. probably with a few modes. step through (0, 16, 32, 48 etc..) max/min etc...

    can't seem to get the problems with tog that you have... can anyone else confirm this?

    be aware that every time I add new features that presets might not be backwards compatible...

  • toggle problem exists with me. midi on/off values change only when led is on. no change occurs when led is off.

    also fine speed goes beyond (edit: outside) min/max values set within faders.

  • @stevieraysean

    in ableton they behave as machsymbiont and flur describe.

    in mlrv the toggles work as i'd expect them to, except when i assign them to mutes, the led are off when muted and on when un-muted. toggling reverses works opposite, led turns on when reversed and off when normal.

  • @flur thanks for the notes. I can make the linkages, but I'm running on windows 7 serialosc, so things are erratic and laggy. I'll check back when there's a bugfix release.

    monomeserial version pretty smooth. I'll have to put it in pages2 to sort out multiple devices.

  • okay so here's the thing. it's not a "problem". it's just down to the way to daws deal with midi.

    live doesn't respond to vel 0 messages. logic does. neither is right or wrong. i'll just have to add cc buttons with assignable on/off values for this purpose.

    for now all you live users can just turn tog off for buttons in live.

    cc buttons will be better for switches.

    the current note buttons are suitable for notes..

  • oh, you know what feature would add to the insanity? Tilt.

  • would it be possible to implement a 'double tap' on the bottom or tops of columns (not the page selector) so that you could double tap to enable a full fine speed sweep, without having to hold down two buttons, effectively allowing for more movements.

  • so how is the lighttriggering going? i think live sends out what you map it to. cc or note, and then 127 for on and 0 for on.

    it would be really cool if you could implement that! i am really loving the patch. have made a little preset that i really like, and the only that is missing is the led feedback of what is on and what is off.

    f.ex. i have notes for turning stuff on and off in live on page 2. so say i arm a track there i want a led to light up. then i do something else on another page, but i want the led to still be on when i come back to page to to check wich track is armed.

    the toggle option is btw great for drones =)

    have you check around on the issue with fine speed?