insanity_3 (updated 19/12/2012)

  • got a live set coming up in may and thinking of using this! one question, is it possible to hold (latch?) on/off buttons on the fly?

    (edit: i meant in on/off mode not toggle mode)

  • @pirxthepilot

    might be able to wrangle that in.. will look into it.
    probably something like hold buttons down and press the page change button would be the only easy way to do it..

  • that's brilliant! thanks!

  • @stevieraysean

    Been a bit disillusioned with my Monone recently (on PC). Tried your app last night. Really great work, lots and lots of fun. Being able to set buttons on different channels and have faders fly up and own is wonderful.

    Once again, many thanks!

  • hi everyone

    been working on getting this working on bigger monomes.

    trashing the current save/load scheme in favor of a pattr based system.

    also gotten rid of heaps of duplication with bpatchers in the UI. So it's the same set of faders now with the values changing instead of having 64 individual faders loading the same information

    this will mean a limit on the number of pages with moving faders at the same time. i've capped it at 3 which should be fine I think... thoughts? (3 pages of up to 16 faders moving)

    should be a happier faster loading insanity for all

    thanks to everyone who have donated for this, I really appreciate it. thanks :)

  • yay! would this make any sense to port to M4L?

  • I can't wait to have this great program on my 128.

    I've been trying to get two simultaneous instances of it in quadrants and pages, but I can't find a way to get them working independently. Is there a simple max fix that could get this happening? It'd be great to be able to change programs independently in the two halves of the 128. But the same results could easily be programed on the user end with a 128Insanity!

    Thanks for the excellent program!

  • really nice to see watson in action using 64insanity. Brought it to life for me. I'll be keen to m4lize it at some point, but if you're doing some major mods ill hold off...

  • things are coming along well for the newer version. loads in like 2 seconds on my 4 year old macbook now (previously about 10 seconds).

    haven't tested all the functions yet or added in sizes but the whole things seems a bit better..

    will try and keep the gui into a m4l size so it can just be dumped into it once i've finished..

  • oh, my. oh, my gawd... ! !

  • on the home stretch...

    monomes up to 256 compatible

    up to 3840 different cc/notes+channel or 256 cc sliders or combinations of the two.

    pretty ridiculous really, nearly exceeds the capabilities of the midi spec

    fast loading savable configurations and probably separate default values.
    ie being able to save a starting value of 64 for pan settings etc.

    haven't tried the m4l yet...

  • !!! this is going to be my masters, sends, fx, on/off switches... and so much more!

  • can't wait.

  • anyone else running into problems when using this in conjunction with other midi controllers in live?
    for example, if i have insanity mapped to any number of parameters and i assign an lpd8 to a macro control...
    as soon as i turn the knob on the lpd8 the lights on the monome start to glitch on and off in various ways.
    changing channels and midi buses in insanity seems to change the lights affected but doesnt actually fix the problem.

  • @kingwilliam it's quite possible

    the led feedback in the current released version in fairly rudimentary from memory and probably contains errors.

    the next version has a more comprehensive system, though, midi devices using the same midi bus, cc's and channel will effect the corresponding faders and buttons on the monome. as will faders set to the same cc values in Insanity.

  • @stevieraysean
    hey thanks for the response and im looking forward to the next version!
    i tried different midi channels and went all the way up to midi busses 9 through 10 from 1 and 2.
    i also made sure the midi cc's weren't the same on the lpd8 and the monome.....
    or at least, ableton was displaying that.
    however, im not sure what a rotary knob transmits so that may be where the message is blending over.

  • @KingWilliam re: led's going weird when used in conjunction with other midi controllers.

    Is it possible to have 64insanity send CC on one IAC/yoke bus and receive on another? I had a similar problem in Pages with the fader banks, a loop was being created between Live, IAC and Pages when I changed a fader outside of Pages.

  • @noiseflower: i thought 64 insanity was already doing sending cc's on one channel and receiving on the other?
    isnt that the function of the midi in and midi out on the top right of the patch?

  • yes it does send and receive on different midi ports/devices

    channel really refers to another part of the midi protocol..

    be careful that ableton only sends data to the 'midi in' of insanity and receives from the 'midi out'

  • excited to try this on a 256!

  • there's probably some quirks


    see post further down page for working serialosc version

  • hey, sean! the max window is showing functioning parameters but i'm not getting any led feedback. no leds at all.

    edit: just connected it to my 128 as 128v and it acts like the upper half of a 256. like it's half in 128h mode. also, no leds.

  • serialosc or monomeserial?

    selected monome size?

  • serialosc.

    size: 256 and 128v/h

  • stupid double prefix prepending when updating from serial to serialosc...

  • excellent!

    the 128v is real wacky though. only the top half (cable up) works. but it is using only the top half of faders as if it is 256 mode and scrolls from left to right.

  • ps 256 version works great!

  • thats odd re: 128v

    are you using a 128 or just half the 256?

    does the bottom row work?

  • i have a 128 also.
    in vertical mode with the cable up:
    top half of monome responds incorrectly. (leds do light up.) faders move from left to right. press the top right button and insanity patch's fader 1 moves to 127. push the top left button and insanity patch's fader moves to 63. this happens on the top half of the monome. bottom half of the monome is dead (no leds). but insanity patch's faders 9-16 respond the exact same way as 1-8 in the top half of the monome. bottom page select is not accessible from the monome. nor are midi values 0-62 on faders.

  • right, i've got to set the rotation with serialosc..

  • 128 default orientation must be horizontal cable left...


  • hopefully this fixes it...

    INsanITy demands one twenty eight size guinea pigs!!

  • that's not right either. seems the same.

  • might be a serialosc thing then..

  • i just tried the monomeserial version (128v) and pretty much the same thing there. except top half is like a 64 cable up and works fine as a 64. bottom half any buttons change the pages without led according to column.

  • using monomeserial proper or monomeserial serialosc bridge?

  • oh, yeah.
    the bridge.
    damn the serial.
    but i love it so.

  • you on windows? think there's gonna be a fix in the next build...

  • osx 10.6.7

  • trying now. I'll post back any issues. Thanks!!!!

  • i gotta tell ya stevieraysean, this 256 version is a dream! thank you!

  • not sure if i mentioned if you hold notes and press the page button your on they should stick...

    glad it's going well..

  • yes this is a cool trick i figured out in the first version =) very nice. use it a lot

  • working as intended on the 256. thanks again!!!

  • i'm having some issues with 'insanity' that i've never had with 64insanity. when i use 'insanity' in pages along with mlrv2 the audio stutters and slows down when i hit the page buttons in insanity. led feedback seems to be really slow and sometimes doesn't respond. if i switch to 64insanity none of those problems occur. it would be really cool to use 'insanity' in a pages setup. this app is incredible.

    has anyone else tried insanity and mlrv2 in pages? btw i'm using most recent pages build and serialosc.

    edit- tried one more time... didnt get any led feedback issues, but still a lot of slowdown and stutter in mlrv when i hit the page buttons in insanity

  • i'm using insanity within pages without issue but haven't tried mlrv in pages. i'll try in a little bit and report back.

  • any errors in the max window? dropped packets perhaps.

    I'm still waiting for a arduinome friendly version of serialosc so my efforts on that front are guess work as to how much data it can handle. not that it should be much different but i made a grid emulator for serialosc and that has packet dropping problems

    insanity does send a fair bit of led data.

    might be some tweaking to do.

    could also be the two fighting for use of the scheduler..