MonoSwitch SerialOSC conversion?

  • Hey there guys, I've been wondering if anyone has been working on a patch switcher that works with serialOSC. I've been starting to record a short EP and realized that without MonoSwitch I get lost pretty fast. I tend to record how I play live and that means having 5-6 apps running at once.

    So I was wondering if anyone was up to converting it, Or if someone is working on a new switcher that works just about the same.

    I took a look at the guts of it and I'm not sure how serialOSC handles all the ports and stuff like that. At the very least, can someone point me in the right direction on how to fix it up.

  • I've also been wondering the same.

    Monoroute was my fave. But as I can't even get her working on the bridge, I'm starting to get real antsy for switching!

  • I don't know how anything works on the inside, but I'm hoping there's going to be an insanely lightweight switcher to accompany the insanely lightweight serialosc.