help: patch taking over max

  • just installed max 5.1.8 from 5.1.7

    immediately thereafter, double clicked griotspeak's switchboard.maxpat
    normally, it would open in the runtime

    instead, ms. pinky's maxi-patch opened up out of the blue
    i hadn't previously opened but a few times and months ago!
    it opened as i had left it — track loaded on deck 1

    plus, empty plain text files 'audio_folders1', 'audio_folders2', movie_folders1 & movie_folders2 were written upon closing of max into the random folder where i keep switchboard.maxpat

    now, when i try to open anything in the runtime, the same thing happens. anybody know why or what to do?

  • to be clear, the other apps i'm trying to open DO open, but only after she's opened. and they close when i close her.

    it's as if she's built into the runtime itself. i'm scared.

  • I have seen this happen before

    Miss Pinky is a standalone... which means the runtime is built in.. it is now set as your default..

    You just need to change the default application to open a maxpat file in

    Right click (control click)

    Click get info...

    you will see a place where it says open using this application.. change it from miss pinky to max runtime.. and click the button underneath that says change all

  • THANKS, myles.

    a simple fix, but i was to frantic to think of it!

  • soo...nothing to fix on my end, right? :-)

  • that's right. not in THIS thread!