{samples}active's C Names for Girls!

  • wobble!!!!


  • Hooray for girls!

  • Excellent! A names, B names, now C names. Damn, there are lots of names for girls!

  • sweet, thanks

  • there's only one C name for girls, and it ain't in the list


    mmmm, so many snares in this pack. the cambria sample sounds killer!

  • wee! most of these sounds are ripping and crumpling various types of paper. and then throwing some empty or near empty water jugs around. as always, would love to hear what you are doing with these sounds!

  • thank you sir! Look forward to playing with these! And i must return the favour some time soon, you've been leading the pack in awesome shared sample action...

  • I just wanna know one thing:
    Where did you get all those names?

  • @lokey - i'm excited to hear what you have cooking!

    @willcarter - i wish i could say it was a great story, like this:


    but alas, the internet is a handy reference...

  • @active - ive used some of your samples in two of my latest! youve encouraged me to use field recordings of my own too! check out the two latest (Hokori and Our Sad Campaign)


  • used some of the c names in this piece here: http://institutfatima.org/paulrose/edipo/tunel.mp3
    It's from the score of a theatre play about king edipus.

  • completely forgot about this! i downloaded it but never opened the file. thanks for the bump. i use the other 2 alllll the time

  • thanks for all the kind comments!

    @pepezabala - that is evil!!!

    i have actually been thinking of starting a real webpage for these. some place where people can donate if they want to, or at least upload their own work to the different pages.

    i have been a bit stagnate on the rest of the sessions i have recorded because they all seem similar to what i have already released. all the donations, if i do something like that, will go to getting a decent hand held recorder and maybe some nice external mics for more field sessions (all i want to do is loop subway train sounds over and over and over each other!!!).

    thanks again for the support and the great music you have all made and inspiring me!

  • I used some of the 'a names' in this tune!
    Couldn't find the original thread. Thank you for the wonderful samples.

  • This jam also contains some girls names:

    Thanks for your awesome sounds, man!

  • the c is for....


    thank you!

  • thank you! always love your girl series!