for all you duet users!

  • have you peeped the apogee duet 2? what do you guys think?

  • whew. I was about to get a little jealous. still 2 in. The duet is lovely. Just wish it were four (or even THREE) in.

    monitors and cans is a nice addition. But nothing to write home about. I have a home audio interface for my monitors

  • I picked up at duet about 2 weeks ago and im really happy with it. I wonder why they switched from firewire to usb2.0?

  • My friend has it. It's pretty solid but I don't like that the inputs are not directly on the device, you need to use special cables that comes with the product. Although you have a 1 year full warranty cables has less durability then an actual solid box

  • Love my Duet. Had it for about 2 years. Dropped it a bunch but its built like a tank.

    On another similar note, Apogee sent me the same email about the duet 2 ten times today in a 30 minute period. They must really want me to buy it ;)
    But I don't see any features that really make me see the need to upgrade.
    What I really want is an update of the apogee ensemble. Mines getting kinda wonky and I need an excuse to invest that much money in a new interface.

  • they only sent me the email once... so they probably don't really want me to get it... hahaha.

    i think the 4 outs is a real plus... but i don't think it justifies shelling out 600 squids for it (that was weird... two sea creature references in a single sentence...). but... i do like the streamlined cables.... my duet's cables sometimes get in the way too much.

  • My duets cables taught me the value of zip-ties and duct tape ;)

    Im just surprised the cable is still in great working order. It has been yanked on and dragged around quiet a bit but still hasn't given me any grief.
    I think if they came out with a version that has 4 ins and outs sans breakout cable I would make the purchase.

  • been using the duet 1 for 3 years. a nice little buddy.

    when i got the e-mail notification of duet2, my mind kept swinging between the duet 2 and the rme babyface.... also 2-in / 4-out, usb-powered and using breakout cables, but it's got a midi i/o and onboard dsp-powered mixer that provides realtime fx at very low latency.

    the duet 2, on the other hand, provides the famous apogee "soft limiter" feature, and the apogee-quality ad / da conversion.

    but that's not my problem for now. gotta pay that debt for buying monomes and arc2. XD

  • well i don't have apogee products right now, and not even a mac.

    why did they go usb?

  • well at least you can now use it for Traktor but i still find it quite expensive ... balanced outs are cool thou, at one point i'd like a small transportable hi quality interface for DJing or when i'm too lazy to lugg around the rack interface and i've always had an eye on this little thingy

    not a fan of the new case design and the USB option, why do audio product designers always have to fix what ain't broken ?

  • I had a Duet - sold it because the breakout cable was a joke IMO. The Duet2 breakout cable is definitely nicer - since I won't have extras dangling around. There is no denying the Apogee sound. I didn't believe it at first but as soon as I plugged stuff into it I was like WHOA! The OLED and other features really helps this out alot - personally I think Apogee needs to make an affordable 4 input unit but this is tempting!

    I might try out the $99 Jam first just to have a simple Apogee input laying around.

  • wait, USB instead of firewire? HAH. glad i have plain old duet.

  • don't get the usb hate. other than the fact that laptop macs have only two usb ports, what does it matter? the latency is lower with duet 2's implementation. and that's more important than which port you use.

    in my experience, the apogee one has lower latency (with usb 1.1!) than the duet and is rock solid. so i would be surprised if the duet 2 wasn't equally awesome.

    that said, i'm an rme man now :). the value is greater and sounds just as good as apogee. they need a 4x4 box tho, just as apogee does.

  • can someone explain the benifit of having balanced outputs? Ive seen a breakout box for duet that has balanced outputs for like $250 but that seems pretty steep considering youve already shelled out $500. I really dont understand what the difference is.

  • @goldengod01

    balanced i/o allows longer cables in between, and carries less noise. also, if the output is unbalanced but the following input is balanced, you'll get a decrease in volume, and would have to connect to a DI to solve this problem. but then you'll have to use a good enough DI to avoid sound degradation.

    most studio gears only got balanced inputs. having balanced outputs makes things easier.

  • @battery collection firewire has a synchronous mode where a certain amount of data is 'guaranteed' per second. USB doesn't. It isn't the biggest deal, but i prefer firewire because it is obvious that media streaming was built in. Really, my disdain for USB is because dv disappearing in favor of USB.

  • I've read it's pretty solid when it comes to a-d-a... I'm eager to getting one, instead of the ultralite mk3

  • @introvert- went from using a korgzero4 firewire mixer to the apogee duet, seriously a night and day difference in sound quality. The only complaint I have about the thing is the dongle is a f'n mess when your not using inputs.

  • i like my duet a lot, though balanced out's would be nice. i'll stick with fw too┬Śneed that extra usb input for my monome (le duh)

  • i'm afraid that usb means underpowered headphone amp. any thoughts?

  • We're only talking about a few channels of audio - USB can handle it. Firewire is overkill for a Duet IMO. I'm seriously considering the new Duet just BECAUSE it's USB (and the smaller breakout cable.)

  • Too bad it doesn't have a midi interface as well...