Kilpatrick Audio Pattern Generator

  • this looks very monomable....can a max patch do this?

  • of course! i've thought about the same myself...

  • wow, that robot voice over can fuck right off!

  • @ootini: I could not agree more, the voice-over is tragic.

  • The tricky bit will be translating the input from the knobs to the monome.

    To be honest I'd rather have a way of inputing a sequence of presses, and then a way to toggle which notes play, then a playing view which shows those two things occuring.

    I'm going to add something like this to my very large list of things I should be doing instead of playing minecraft.

  • It would probably take a weekend to replicate this.
    I need a variable brightness monome, though.

  • It would be one hell of an app..hope you haven't got plans this weekend :-)


    I am playing with it here, its funny with the clock knob to create buggy kindof sounds (:

  • with the new editor this topic becomes more interesting :)
    connecting the monome to the module could be awesome!!

  • looks like it's communicating via a midi expander. so i'm guessing it would be just as easy to just pipe polygome or something into your modular (which i do anyway).