Layout / MicroController (see last post)

  • Hey guys :)

    I'm quiet a big noob in electronic/MAO music creation, but i have already done some DIY project, like guitar effects.

    1. I would like to build a monome 40h according to the KIT page. I found most of the pieces, but I don't really understand what "DK" mean in the part list. Is that an on line electronic store ?

    2. My major interrogation is about the microcontroller. As I understand, if I buy a atmega32-16pu on internet, do I have to program it ? Or can I found (here?) preprogrammed chip ? Can I flash it via the USB cable ? Or do I have to spent money for an adaptator ? I don't really found answer on the forum. I don't really understand how all these things works. I'm a mecanician, not an electronician :]

    3. I can't find the RN1 resistor, the black and long one. But that's the least problem I have :)

    4. Can I use CMOS componant instead of "normal" componant" on the same layout ? (like this one :

    Thanks a lot (and excuse me for my awfull english :( )

  • DK =

    you have to program it.
    you can use this:

    if you are on windows, you can use this software to write your code and program the AVR (through the AVR ISP):

  • Well, thank you for your quick answer ! I'm on MAC OSX, but i can maybe find a XP user in my friends :)

    If I'm going to an electronic shop to produce the layout, are the
    2 layouts schemes on the site on the right scale ? Just have to print them, or give the 2 files to the seller on an USB stick ? Is there a place where I can find the dimensions of these two layouts, to check.

  • on mac os x you can use gcc and uisp.

    this should help:

    and these:

  • that looks fine :)

    I'm doing some shopping on DK. Everything looks quiet cheap, OK. But the diodes (here: ), as I understand, I've to buy 3000 of them and pay 120$ ? Cause I just need about 70 of them.


    minimum order of 10 units @ .10 each
    your link went to the tape & reel package.

  • OK thank you anthroid.

    I'm quiet disappointed. I was searching some informations about the realisation of the 2 printed circuit with the layout on the site and I realize that they were double faced and metallized holes.

    According to a friend, that's cost a lot of money just for one circuit (about 3000$). Does anyone now were i can't find cheap printed circuit ? Or do I have to wait months for other 40h kits ?

  • i havnt looked in to it but i seriously doubt a double sided board to be 3000 dollars, (not us anyway)

    there are a bunch of oline shops you can send the files to, but they need to be a certain format most need gerber files i think.

    however, I fully expect it to be much more expesive to do it this way than buy kit.

  • Hello liam !

    As I understood, it was expensive to product a PCB with iron holes. A double face PCB isn't expensive, but with iron holes, the technology needed is, as my friend told me, very complicated.

    Does anyone know when new kits will be a available ? I'm on "pending" since yesterday.

    I saw a 40h for near 700$ on ebay this morning :(

  • we're waiting for new keypads before proceeding with the kit sales. you may have to wait a month or so. does 3 pcbs for $33/ea. they're a great company located in colorado. they also have a barebones special which is two-sided through-plated with no soldermask or silk layer.

  • ok thank you.

    Just hope I'm not too late ant the queue isn't to long for the next kit sales.

  • I don't want pollute the forum with an useless topic, sp I post here : What are the plan for the next kit sales ? I'm approximatively 200 in the queue, so how long approximatively will I wait ?

    I would like to ask this question on IRC, but the server looks dead : /

  • we just ordered more keypads. we're currently shipping kits-- we're giving people a chance to pay before we drop their orders. your number in line will be updated, so check the link every week or so.