mlr+piano+drums+reel-to-reel --- video

  • thought some people here may want to check out a video i put up yesterday.


  • outstanding.

  • Lovely that.

  • thanks friends.

  • love it. Didn't realize you were off on a 365x1 thing a day mission. Will be following you for sure.

  • Cool video. Good job

  • very nice!

  • @bar|none - thanks. yeah, i'm at day 101 now. further than i thought i'd make it... just going to keep going.

  • hey I love the sound you're getting out of your kit, crazy that you recorded it just using one mic! There's a lot I need to learn about mic placement and tuning... Also love the understatement in your playing, it reminds me of this zen musician here in zurich who says that the pauses are more important than the notes you play.

  • Lovely, reminded me slightly of Dosh.

  • @kumakae - thank you. yeah, i'm really loving this drum sound too. one sm57, capsule at a right angle to the rim of the snare, pointed at the floor tom (the place it would be if i used one). helps that it's going to tape too. as far as the minimal drumming goes... i had a jazz drum teacher tell me that anyone can hit a drum or play a note on a piano, but the emotion is what happens in the small spaces between the hits and the notes. i think it's true.

  • @failedsitcom - you just made my day. ;-) i'm opening for dosh in minneapolis in june. can't say that i've ever been quite as excited for an upcoming show.

  • & a video of a new track that played live for the first time the other night:

  • Loving the new track man! Drums are ace :-)

  • wow. you are really doing some great stuff!
    will follow your blog dude!

  • thanks again for all your support, & kind words. i love this community so much.

    & a third:

  • Just catching up on this thread - very nice - right up my alley. Good work!

  • amazing video, really really inspiring. thank you so much, browsing trough your blog right now and it's so inspiring! you do fantastic things, keep it up!

  • awesome drum rhythms. I don't know what noises the chords are made of, but they're well suited to the live perc. And you never veer off from the mlr tempo. respect!

  • I love both new videos, time to dig through your bandcamp I think. I also wanted to mention how good the visual aspect is as well.

  • thanks so much. @failedsitcom, not a ton of stuff on my bandcamp for now... two new albums coming in/around june though. one on that will be released as cassette tape+download code & the other on which will be download, and maybe cd

    thanks again everybody!