good eats

  • on a grey morning in manhattan, i eat a wonderful breakfast sandwich that i would love to share! since i cannot personally give you a bite, here is how you can make it!

    ~toast 1 everything bagel
    ~smear a good helping of hummus on one side of the bagel
    ~slice some nice munster cheese on to the hummus
    ~top off with some fresh avocado
    ~sandwich the top bagel half on and enjoy!

    Anyone else have any tasty food recipes they would like to share? it's a food thread!!!!

  • my go to lunch at the moment is a wrap with pulled pork (slow cooker style with a bottle of cherry cola), carmelized onions and refried white beans, using these great wraps from a little mediteranean deli down the road from me, the wraps themselves are about 4ft wide, so i quarter them, and they work great. I made about 40 last week, so easy lunches ahead...

    not much of a breakfast guy myself. The wife loves her oatmeal, but a strong pint of coffee is what i need to get going. It's 10:20 now, and the belly is finally starting to demand attention...mmm...

  • i've been making a simple pasta sauce a lot recently. certainly far better than those yucky readymade jars of raw goo.

    perfect for when you get home from work late and aren't in the mood for cooking.

    1 mid sized onion
    4/5 cloves of garlic
    1 tin chopped tomatoes
    1 tin peeled plum tomatoes
    splash of red wine
    chicken stock/vegetable stock
    good olive oil
    a spoon of brown sugar
    fresh basil, loosely chopped

    *dice onion, crush and dice garlic.

  • well a really simple one but necessary for my cooking is veggie broth. i just save everything i would normally throw out from meals i make during the week for my wife and i and make it on saturday or sunday. i save pieces of potato, garlic/onion/shallot peels tops of tomato, carrot, onion the outsides of ginger and extra herbs or greens i have laying around ( i used a lot of spinach and basil last week). i put this all in a big stock pot with about a gallon of water and bring it to a boil then turn it on low and let it go over night. drain all the liquid off and then optionally we have been buying whole chickens cutting off and freezing most of the meat and then throwing the body after carving into the pot with the veggies after one boiling. again fill with water, boil, simmer and pour off water to make some awesome chicken broth. We also season liberally before boiling.

    everyone should know how to make good gaucamole
    just take 2 avocados 1 or 2 tomato depending on how big they are 1 small onion or half of a big one half of a lime and garlic

    i cut the garlic onion then tomato mix this up in a bowl and squeeze the half lime over it then mix it up again. open and scoop out the avacado goodness and mash it up a little before mixing it with the onion, tomato mixture

    season with some cumin, coriander, salt and pepper

    hummus is really easy

    soak 1 and one half cups of dry chick peas over night
    roast bulb of garlic (good for everything) as simply as applying olive oil to outside of garlic and cooking in oven at 375 for half an hour or slightly more
    wrap in aluminum to avoid a mess season with salt pepper
    the next morning drain them and put them with about 2 tsp baking soda and water into a pot
    cook at about a 4 on a stove for an hour an a half
    strain this
    put all these things into a food processor
    all the chickpeas
    1/4 cup greek yogurt
    2-3 tablespoons tahini (more if you really like the taste)
    juice of half a fresh lemon or whole again depending on how lemony you like it
    i put as little as half the bulb of garlic in then adjust according to taste (just let the garlic cool after roasting then pull off the base and squeeze on them until it comes out either in a paste or as a whole clove)
    1/2 tsp salt
    1 tsp blk pepper
    a little hot sauce never hurt anything
    paprika and various other seasonings
    blend until a smooth consistency add water/tahini, greek yogurt to adjust thickness

  • @wednesdayayay nice.

    top stock storage tip: add your stock to ice cube freezer bags and bung in the freezer, then just break off a cube when you need one for cooking.


  • a pasta roller makes all these things infinitely easier

    pasta, tortillas, egg roll wrappers

    pasta is super easy
    1 cup semolina flour
    1 nice egg
    and a little water/olive oil on hand to adjust the consistency.


    1/4 tsp garlic salt
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    1 cup flour
    1 tblsp lard (you can use vegetable shortening but it doesn't work nearly as well)
    mix this all together until the lard is distributed throughout the flour mixture breaking up any clumps

    then add 1/4 cup and water bring together into a ball let sit in a covered bowl for half an hour or so then shape into little balls rol with pasta machine on a very low setting or a rolling pin
    cook with a pan on the stove at 4


    1 egg
    2 cups flour
    2 tsp salt
    1/2 cup cold water

    mix egg and salt add 1/4 cup cold water
    add this to flour
    mix in the rest of the water to form a stickiesh batter
    put onto floured surface and knead for about 5 minutes until it is nice and smooth
    let it sit covered in the fridge for about half an hour before using

    for an easy filling take half a pound of regular breakfast sausage
    marinate sausage in soy sauce, fish sauce, tahini/ seasame seeds, sesame seed oil, rice vinegar, a pinch of sugar/ blk pepper
    let sit for half an hour in fridge covered
    cook this in a pan until browned on the outsides
    add chopped garlic mixed with soy sauce and about half to 3/4 of a bag of cole slaw mix (or just cut some cabbage and carrots)
    cook until soft, mix everything together
    set on a pan that goes into the fridge until the mix is cooled
    wrap in wrapper and fry

  • @ootini, another trick with soups and stocks is to pour it into a freezer bag, then layer it flat in the freezer, so i freezes into a sheet, which you can then snap off for stock or soup...

    we've been doing a butterflied chicken a week these days, take a pair of kitchen shears, and cut along the side of the spine, then open it up and remove the breastbone with a paring knife. Then you can stuff herb-sauce under the skin, and broil the sucker, flipping it halfway. Delicious and fast, and makes serving easy, because you can just quarter it flat rather than carving it. Then brown the bones for stock and youre golden...

  • I've notice many vegans in here!

  • The first thing I like to do is to get a real cute chicken.
    Then, when I am home I treat it real nice, like my own baby,
    until it feels secure and treated like a respected animal.
    When my cute little chicken is at a stage of feeling loved, I hug
    it for the last time..., then I cut it´s throat, so that it´s blood
    splatters all of me and through my whole kitchen. I enjoy the
    moments just before I do that and I feel satisfied and brave to
    hear it´s last breath and a last look in it´s eyes just before it is
    going to hell makes me feel like real man.

    ohhh, I forgot I am vegan, I hope I didn´t offend anyone, sorry for that. :)
    ... just couldn´t resist

  • @mism
    feel free to share a vegan recipe! It might be a more constructive way to encourage people to eat less meat than potentially offending them.
    btw- I have 16 cute chickens who I do in fact treat real nice. For me, feeling brave or self satisfied or like a real man has nothing to do with. It is however a great responsibility not taken lightly.

    a recipe I'd like to share...

    The butternut squash from last summer's harvest was an integral component of my winter diet. It's part of my favorite breakfast:

    -1 butternut squash peeled, de-seeded and cut into 1/2 inch cubes. Toss it with olive oil, rosemary, sage, salt, a half of a squeezed lemon and dried pepper flakes (I like to add 1 dried habenero- which makes it pretty spicy)
    -roast in a hot oven until tender. (about 40 minutes )
    -carmelize 1 large whole onion in a frying pan (takes about 18 minutes on
    -take roasted squash and sprinkle with chunks of feta, mix in carmelized onions and pop back in the oven just to brown.
    -meanwhile cook two fresh eggs in your hot onion pan over easy (runny eggs are so good with the squash) or to your liking.
    -Serve eggs over roasted squash.

    If you're vegan you can ommit the feta and eggs-- the squash makes a yummy side dish on its own.

  • @oootini:
    try using fresh tomatoes sometime, and roast them before you put 'em in the sauce. ain't nothing better than roasted tomatoes.

    except maybe roasted peppers.

  • Or roasted garlic

  • roasted garlic!!!!


    take a whole bulb of garlic, cut off the top, paint a little bit of olive oil on it, stick it in the oven at 350 or 400 for about 40 minutes...


    smear on toast, or just eat straight.

    oh, do i need a mint?

  • idk..all i can make is a bowl of cereal...

  • @soundcyst, the trick is to make sure that all your friends also eat a ton of garlic and there's no problem ;]

    i had a lady friend some years back, and she was big on raw garlic and stinky cheese. Delicious, if you're among the right folk ;]

    @talos, start small and simple is the way to go then. My mum used to say, when i was a kid and complained about the meal, 'well go make something yourself then!', first thing i remember making was a pan of cornbread, butter and maple syrup. Yum, yum.

    @mism, not sure how anyone would be offended by that...but if you're a vegan what on earth are you killing chickens for? Or was that not a factual description of your hobbies? ;]

  • 2 sunny side up eggs.
    2 slices of wegmans bacon.
    2 pieces of whole wheat toast with kerry gold butter.
    1 glass of ultra pasteurized milk.
    and to finish it off after the dishes are done, 1 homemade vanilla latte.

  • tonight i'm making a prawn carbonera with prosciutto and peas. The belly rumbles, but i must hold out for my wife to get home from hapkido...

  • I love toasting up a thick slice of farm bread, smearing it with fresh goat cheese, and topping it with an over-easy egg from one of our "real cute" free range chickens. Top with fresh chives, salt, pepper, and enjoy! Euphoric.

    I also quite enjoy the same thing with BBQ pulled pork substituted for the goat cheese. Yup. Absolutely indulgent. Sorry veggie folks...

  • while i would be loath to remove goat cheese from any recipe, i am more than willing to add pulled pork to almost anything ;]

  • anyone have any suggestions for making thai curry? i attempted to do this last week and wound up with a really thin curry, and totally overcooked the veggies trying to reduce it.

    thai curry with mushy veggies == not so great... :[

    also, grapeseed oil and braggs are awesome for pan-frying some carrots and kale.