Daedelus with Archimedes - video

  • remember your sun glasses and spare face when going to seem him..


  • Nice. The track and the visuals are kicking it.

    I just have question that I'm curious about, that perhaps daedelus can answer if no one happens to know.

    A couple months ago he posted a video of an early prototype of Archimedes (the mirror array) and it was obvious he was using the DMX protocol because he was using the Enttec DMX Pro interface.

    My question is: Are these preprogrammed "scenes" or are they truly interactive with the music he's playing? I've been exploring the idea of interactive visuals, so if he's got a good system working I'd love to know. If not, I have a prototype I'd love to share with you in the near future Alfred.

  • this is some of that other level shit.

  • @ str8

    yeah its dope...but not the best i ever seen...wait..."seen" yes haha

    but i know a buttload of others...

    (love it around 8:50ish)

    (amazing set here)

  • mcdeltat

    hi, just to clarify the archimedes does run on the dmx protocol, and is not synced to daedelus' monome, i have the dubious honour of trying to mash buttons/lights/projections and animate the mirrors "by hand" along to his sets on a separate and pretty boggling array of laptops and controllers/switches...
    which is why the sync is not always perfect but i try my best.
    our reasoning behind this approach is that reactive systems tend to become stale very quickly and don't respond to the energy or flow of a show, only to the user input, on the other hand a human "processor" can be unreliable when he's not getting enough sleep :/

  • @Emmanuel
    Thanks for answering my question, I was going for a hint at best, so thanks.

    I must say that for just trying to follow him, your doing a pretty good job. I've been working on a really cool dmx lighting app in MaxMSP. I've been trying to create a cool system that reacts to a user, but doesn't get stale, which has been hard. This bid gave me another small dose of inspiration.

  • @Emmanuel

    Get your human more RAM and maybe an SSD. Also, it's good to ask how many cores said human has, during the interview.


    I wish sleep was consumable in small installable wafers. ugh.

  • @Cheese
    I know. Sleep is the evil bane of every tinkerers existence. I always want to do more stuff, and theoretically if I didn't have to sleep, I'd have plenty of time. But of course thats not the way it is.

  • I had the absolute pleasure of having breakfast with Alfred I think the morning after that show, when I picked up my Arc from Tehn... anyway... he tried to explain to me his setup, that is absolutely NOT what I had mentally pictured. That is a way way more awesome looking. Incredible.

  • It's really becoming. Iconic even.

    I completely miss New York. Great mouth on that coast.

  • Mesmerizing.