128 Going for a good price

  • Just saw this guy


  • he says it is no 23 of 100 and has an acceleromiter! My spidy sense is tingling.

  • he may himself have bought it second hand with an accel added...

  • It's not bus-powered; note the double cords. Also, #23 ain't on the wiki, so it could be legit. It really isn't a bad price. But yeah, spidey sense is tingling because . . .

    The seller is known to have sold a bunch of monomes and kits in the past at . . . interesting prices. And other equipment that never arrived. It seems to me, from what I remember over the last few months, is that he's the equivalent of a scalper. He's definitely suspected of being a scammer:


  • its an obvious scam do you guys really think someone started a ebay account to sell

    3 weeks ago 128 clones
    2 weeks ago 64 clones
    this week real monome 128

    O and to round out the product line MALE ENHANCEMENT CREAM.

    Super super sketch, obvious scam.